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Help Reading Test Results

Hoping that someone can interpret my blood test results for me (like if my numbers suck or how bad) and also some recommendations on steps you guys would take to help if you were me. I’ll listen to the doctors but the consultation is at least several weeks out and I’m just curious in the meantime. I’m 29, 5’10 and 160 lbs. Thanks!

Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) 20
Albumin 4.7
Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) 23
Estradiol 40.5
Free Testosterone 5
Free Testosterone (%) 2.16
Luteinizing Hormone (LH) 6.46
Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG) 21.2
Total Testosterone 235

You might be progressing towards primary hypogonadism (testicular failure) which is indicated by high LH and low-T.

If your doctor suggests clomid, find another doctor because going this route is futile given that your problem isn’t with your pituitary gland which is what clomid treats.

These levels are closer to what you would see in 80-90 year old men with one foot in the grave.

So your levels are not good.

Hahahaha I actually laughed out loud. Not that I’m happy about it but I gotta appreciate the honesty. You think I should go for just T to start? If so, what would you recommend? I’ve been feeling like shit for a while now but doctors thought I was crazy asking for a blood test at my age. I ended up going with telehealth because they would recommend a blood test without giving me a hard time. Does anyone know if that avenue is known to recommend clomid first or actual T? Thanks again!

In cases where testosterone and LH are low, it wouldn’t hurt to try. Most of the time clomid treatment fails once the medicine is withdrawn and the side effects while on it can be intolerable.

Well actually in the last decade doctors have been seeing men of all ages with low-T and the numbers continues to climb, a worrying trend.

Our bodies are under assault by a multitude of chemicals in the environment, some of which are known to disrupt hormones production and action on target tissue.

There has even been several cases of toddlers hitting puberty because of all the hormones they inject into our lives stock and milk products.

I have heard of that, and I’ve definitely abused my body in the past like more young people are probably doing nowadays. I’ve been way better in regards to health but it seems like whatever I do this past year nothing helps.I guess I’m just looking for advice when I talk to the doctor like if I should avoid clomid or gel, and how much is a good starting dose to try to get me not like an 80 yr old man

Also just in case someone brings up clomid, how do you know the pituitary gland is fine? Will these results rule it out?

Your LH is better than midrange, a low LH would signal a diseased pituitary gland. So your pituitary gland is sending a good amount of stimulating hormone to the testes, but your testes aren’t getting the job done.

A good starting weekly dosage is 100-120mg 1-2 injections weekly, more frequently may be needed to alleviate side effects.

You may also consider Jatenzo, an oral form of TRT taken twice daily available in the US or Canada. It is expensive and isn’t always covered by insurance.

I’m alright with paying out of pocket. In
my experience with doctors, they dont always take to suggestions or questions regarding a prescription that they weren’t already going to recommend so I can try to bring it up but I doubt it’s going to help in that regard, especially with doctors that haven’t dedicated themselves to it. All the hassle makes me want to try to fix it myself but I figure I should probably see someone in the hopes they actually want to help. Just keep in mind that if this doesn’t make sense I’m pretty much a 90 year old man so I barely made it to the keyboard

Sadly so. But they also assume they are the only game in town. There is nothing wrong with searching for a doc that is more open & up to speed on current treatments

Anyone have any advice for someone who may not want to go the dr. route considering most in the area don’t have experience in the field and dr. shopping sucks? TIA