Help Reading Labs

i’ve never done a cycle of anabolic steroids, prohormone or anything else.

but im having trouble understanding what could be wrong with my lab results, low T high E2

ill post the 4 pages below

page 2

page 3

page 4

Just for reference, how old are you?

[quote]jonboyohboy wrote:
Just for reference, how old are you?[/quote]


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[quote]jonboyohboy wrote:
Just for reference, how old are you?[/quote]


Vitamin D is low which can cause your T to be low
Again there is no personal data to give any kind of feed back to why

You need to find out why things are out of balance other wise your are going down the wrong pathway by commencing on HRT. Majority of thiese cases can be resolved with simple lifestlye and nutritional intervention. One would be amazed at the results. As of now you presented me 5-10% of the data which would be required to even now where to start. One needs to have free t3, free t4, tsh, rt3, adrenals stress profile, SHBG and a few other parameters completed until you can get some what of a picture of what you are dealing with.