Help Reading 1st Post-TRT Labs

Hi everyone.

So, my urologist ordered the first follow-up blood tests four weeks into TRT. I took those tests yesterday, prior to my weekly injection of 100mg. I have a follow-up appointment with him at the end of this week where I intend to tell him that the only changes I’ve felt after four weeks are that I’m sleeping very soundly, and that by the time I get to the final 24 hours before injection, I am feeling droopy-eyed and craving naps.

When I look at these numbers, it looks to me like my initial dose of 100mg is too low, and my drowsiness on Day 7 leads me to think I probably need to pin twice a week. But I have zero experience and would really value the input of this forum.

Here are my numbers before->after

1.43 → 1.39

15.4 → 14.4

47.6 → 43.1

19.6 → 31.8

438 → 461

49.03 → 28.7

Not sure how to compare these last two numbers, as it doesn’t seem like they did the same type of blood test:

-First test showed “Free Test” at 6.99 (range 5.97-19.30) and “Testosterone, Bioavailable” at 163.8 (range 140-453)
-Second test showed “Calc Free Testosterone” at 103.5 (range 47.0-244.0)

I would like to go into my appointment as informed as possible. My doc seems pretty good, but I don’t yet assume he is as up to date on protocols as some of you.

Thanks in advance.

SHBG cut nearly in half? Congrats on all that extra free test.

Try pinning 2x per week as low SHBG means you’ll be clearing test faster. Also, 4 weeks is a tad early for followup bloodwork… better done around week 6-8.

This is not in every case, individual metabolism of testosterone is more a factor here. I have seen members labs with high SHBG showing a very fast clearance rate.

You need two 60-70 mg injections per week.


Follow-up. Went to the doc and he upped me to 160mg/week, now divided into two pins per week.

Seems like a big increase per week, but I’m looking forward to feeling some results.

If it doesn’t work out…see what systemlord suggests.


Obviously, your total testosterone is essentially unchanged. The decrease in your SHBG has led to increased free testosterone, which is better, but not nearly where you need to be.

You should see some nice symptomatic improvement. Whatever follow-up test is ordered for free testosterone, you should be around the top of the range and most feel pretty good at those levels.