Help - Reactive Arthritis

Hi, I’m 28 and have been hit with reactive arthritis from an undiagnosed illness. Ive had this for a couple of months… There have been 2 acute bouts and it kindof circles my body messing things up.

Is there anyone here who has had experience in dealing with this? I’m taking a bunch of painkillers and in specialist care but i cant get any straight answers really except negative result after negative result.

If I am dosed on painkillers, will lifting weights further the damage?

Any suggestions?

heard of going to the doctor?

painkillers relax the muscles, so I definitely would not recommend going into the gym on them.

I’ve been to my doctor and 2 specialists now, about to start on my third (immunologist). I get mixed messages about whether the damage is corrosive or just acute inflammation. They dont really know yet… I have taken all the meds (long term antibiotics mainly) they have given me… and had heaps of tests with more to come.

I guess I am asking here for advice from people who have had similar conditions before and recovered, wanting to know if there were any diet or exercise methods they found useful. I am still being attacked so would like to reverse this condition quickly… obviously.

I havent lifted any weights since I’ve had this.