Help Putting It All Together

I am 5’10 228 pounds with 28percent body fat. My “fitness center” has up to 100 pound Dumbbells and machines.
We do not have s squat rack only smith machine

May not matter but my max lifts are as follows;
Bench 205
Squat 280
Dead 250
Press 135

My goal is to become the strongest I can be and lose 30 pounds at least

Any guidance you could give would help. Needing a program
I can workout 5 days a week at this gym.


This is just imo:

I’m 5’10" as well. First, as a caveat, if you posted a pic that included how wide, e.g., your shoulders were and such, then I could make a more well-informed statement.

I was at 215 this past July (had a medical event that required six months of surgery and little lifting that is just now ending). With all due respect, I was lifting a lot more than you are: squat 350x20, bench 225x27, etc. I found that at my height, 215 was right around the point where I needed to tighten things up a bit.

Without having a pic of you, I would imagine at that weight/height that you should probably start by tightening things up a bit. Your strength numbers are really still at beginner levels, so you may have been a bit too aggressive on developing your base level of strength (though congrats on getting there!). The added benefit of starting off by leaning up is that leaning up is a good way to learn your body and how it reacts to different stressors relating to diet. IMO, I’d guess that when you start losing, you’ll find that you have more than 30 pounds to lose before you get lean enough to start gaining again.

Again just my .02

Program: I’d do a search for King of Beef’s “Do this routine instead of that dumb one”

Diet: List what you eat in a day. To be 228 at that strength level, you’ll probably have plenty of easy, sensible food decisions you can make that will make a real difference.

I don’t have any pics.

what I eat:

breakfast: 16 oz oatmeal and coffee
lunch: chicken wrap or Chicken Gyro
snack: snickers bar or small bag of chips (just being honest)
dinner: fried chicken or cheeseburgers (usually this is my worst meal because I’m rushing to get food for family)

I understand my diet is crap. in fact I purchased a slow cooker to help in creating better dishes for lunch and dinner.

no squat rack? Get a new gym or make your own home gym

do 5x5 and eat in a caloric deficit