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Help Programming for Size?

Hey Paul, I’m 6’2 190lbs my maxes as of now are 200x5lbs bench 230x5 squat 290x5 deadlift and have been lifting seriously for about a year. I’ve been guilty of program hopping for a while and didn’t really know what to prioritize size or strength, but now I’ve decided to definitely prioritize size 100% with any strength gains as icing on the cake.

I’ve been reading up on a lot of your methods recently and was wondering what you’d personally suggest for a max size program and progression scheme for me, I think I’d enjoy the 8-12-8 method you’ve talked about but I don’t know how I would split it up or if it’s the right progression method for my strength levels and I want to find something I can commit to running for a long period of time and not have to worry about overthinking my programming anymore lol.

Any advice would help, thanks in advance!!