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Help!!! Problem with PCT.

Does anyone have any experience with Pure Premium Labs Clomid? I have some and I am getting “things” together for a cycle, but am having doubts its legit. Is there anything OTC that is effective as Clomid for Test restortation and Gyno prevention? What about Molecular Nutritions Formastat (formestane/4-hydroxyandrostenedione), SAN Estrodex ( 5a-androstane 3a-17 dione, DIM, 3,5,4-trihydroy-trans-stilbene, calcium glucarate), Ergopharms 6-OXO ( 3,6,17-androstenetrione), or Biotests new “ALPHMALE”. “P-22, Scrappy, Spook, and everyone thanks”.

What makes you doubt it’s legitimacy?

The way they advertise, label, and mixed results I hear.

Depending on your cycle and your susceptibility to gyno, you might be able to skate by with M/Tribex/Redkat etc. M is apparently pretty good at stopping progesterone from becoming a problem. However, if you are running a heavier cycle or you are susceptible to gyno, you will need some real meds. Nolvadex at 20mg/day will work quite effectively. There is nothing that i’ve ever heard of OTC that is as effective as nolvadex or clomid for preventing gyno and for PCT (nolvadex and clomid both accomplish pretty much the same thing).

What does your cycle look like?

Well, I bit the bullet and am able to get Clomid, Nolva, and A-dex. What I may have acess to is a sh*t load of RSOC Dry Test 50mg Prop, 200mg Cyp with 0.67 mg A-dex per cc. Orals… OT, Winny, and A-50, and some Bolasterone caps. Also Deca, but not really interested in using this.

For some reason my post was edited the Clomid, Nolva, and A-dex is from DPH**M.

I keep hearing bits and pieces regarding formestane, it seems the few folks who have used it (injectable) in the past really liked it.