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Help Preparing Meals on Sunday


Hey I was just wondering what exactly do you guys do when preparing meals on sundays, like could you give me examples since i'm kinda confused. When going about preparing meals, do you guys prepare 40+ meals in a one day, assuming your eating 6-7 meals a day, for the entire week? I'm a beginner at this and would like to be as efficient as possible when it comes to meal preparation since I mostly prepare on the go. All I know is that i need to buy meat, grill it, then freeze it which is the easy part for me but what about all the carb related things and stuff??


its not that hard man.

why not cook big meals each night of the week so that you have leftovers to eat the next day? Instead of trying to cook a weeks worth of meals every sunday just cook double each night and then you'll have good food for the next day. you dont need to eat 6-7 meals a day.


Agreed, most people who claim to eat 6 times a day are counting shakes and stuff that I would considera snack, so most of them dont need much preparation.
I do pretty much what gregon said. I cook most nights and usually cook 3 or four serves that way I can have one for lunch the next day and another serve at a different time or put it in the freezer for a night when I cant cook.
Quite often I will also roast a 2-5 pound peice of meat which I will have on sandwiches through the week.

If you are really short on time you can cook for a few days at a time but I dont find it that much more efficient