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Help Preparing for My MMA Fight


So i decided to give a crazy shot on amateur MMA, i'm going for fun. The thing is i'm walking around 220lbs i'm looking to fight at 185lbs.

The fight will be on 14/04/10

So i have like 2 weeks and 3 days.

I've been mostly wrestling and focusing on weights.

The thing is i have no ideia how to cycle my weight training and all that stuff. I'm going for a extreme weight loss possible, but without losing any muscle. I've hired a pro bodybuilder to help me with my nutrition. she is simply gorgeous.


Ah stats

Height: 5'10
Weight: 220lbs
BF: upper 20%
Weight Program: Wendler's 5/3/1

Usually train MMA 5 days a week, lift 4 days a week

if i'm feeling fresh i'll add 1 or 2 sessions on HIIT on the upper days


Also, as is amateur MMA and from the fighters i've talked, people don't cut weight for the fights, i'll be looking to take advantage of that. I've heard people usually walk 5lbs over the fighting weight.


I'd just fight in a higher division this time, it'll be hard to make weight.


I don't mean to over-sweat about it, but i'm pretty sure i can make to 205lbs with all this time avaiable, i'm going to have fun. I won't do anything that will hurt my strength gains or that will exhaust me


It really just depends on you as an individual, generally I'd advise people to just lose weight until within 10 lbs of their weight class then lose the remaining pounds by sweating it out though. Just see how you feel during training and while cutting water weight. Be careful with trying to cut a lot of water weight too, it's possible to push yourself too hard and pass out.

If I were in your position I'd go ahead and see how much water weight you can cut, then you can have an idea of what you need to get to before the weigh in. Just put on a couple of sweatsuits and do some HIIT. Besides that you just need to limit calories and increase your fiber intake. And I'm not sure if you know about this or not, but Pedialyte is great to rehydrate with.


Although i'm pretty sure there is not pedialyte here at brazil, maybe gatorade?

Why should i increase fiber intake? doing it ASAP

my meals right now are consisting of: salmon and soy sauce with veggies


thats too big of a cut and not enough time. Fight heavier. I dont know of a pro fighter that can lose 35#'s in 2 weeks. Fight heavier.


i agree.

OP, is this your first MMA fight? how many times have you cut weight before (wrestling, PL, etc)?

i think you can make the 205 class pretty easy where you're at right now, but you can't actually lose any really weight to help you get to 185.

btw, here are a couple threads where we've discussed this beofre:



EDIT: also, i forgot to ask: are the weigh-ins the day prior to the event or the morning of the event?

have you ever used a low-carb diet?


So I'm gonna be a bit of an asshole here, and forgive me for that, but...

I don't see how anyone could do MMA 5 days a week, lift 4 days a week, sometimes do a session or two of HIIT while having a diet of Salmon and Veggies... and still be sitting at 20% BF and looking like you do in your avatar at only 5'10". Something simply doesn't add up.

Unless you only started training a month or two ago, in which case you shouldn't be competing at all yet, I just don't see it.


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Man, i started eating this kind of stuff yesterday.

My diet is like lot of calories around: any type of meat, nuts, cheese, olive oil and rice with black beans(rice and beans are my favorite stuff, i eat it at ALL major meals)


I can't really think of any other way to put this; the fiber is to shit. It's good for loosing a little bit of extra weight. The Gatorade should suffice. Just remember to have a good high carb meal and some Gatorade.


Well, aren't amateur events just confusing, the promoter just called me and told me that the other guy has pulled off and that i call him again on a few days in order to know, but he says it will probably able to make it.

Also, he didn't specify any weight classes this time. I told him that i fight at 205lbs, when he was unsure, i told him i would fight at any class it had, be it heavyweight or middleweight.

Oh boy, this is gonna be a steamroller fun


Down to 217lbs

Sore as hell


Hired a GPP coach, he kicked my ass doing some crazy stuff, i just said to him that if he tries to make me squat on a bosu ball i will fire him.


What sort of crazy stuff?


Ah man, stuff that i'm not used to do, i always do the powerlifting stuff, he made my heart rate keep high during all workout

Some mobility work(read active stretching) really tough
Squats with Presses(i guess that's not crazy, it's just complexes right?)
Lunges with A strange kinda of press(its more like a 360 angles rise of my arm, like making a half-circle
Push-ups while holding dumbbell with rows
And finally a cable stuff that resembled a punch

Actually, it made me almost puke.

But i like the guy, he is former bodybuilder, and the first i've met that know about ART, differences between static and dynamic stretching, squats, deadlifts, and he teaches kettlebell stuff too.

Also, i've hired a JiuJitsu coach. Now my team is complete


ok. i am not trying to be a dick but, you are a few weeks out from an mma fight and just hired a jitz coach? you trying to lose this fight and/or have a limb broken? this seems like a half-ass crazy idea that will net you zero positive results. lets be real, you are not in great shape, were considering a massive cut, and have just started eating clean and training 1/3 of the competition. Do you have any striking technique? I believe you said you wrestled, do you plan to lay n pray? All i see happening is you being outclassed on the feet or the ground and gassing. when you're tired you will be promptly submitted or KTFO. this may sound harsh but it is not a personal attack on you, no one can just walk into an mma fight, amateur or not. be realistic man and respect the sport.


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