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Help Post Sinus Surgery

I just did my Sinus Surgery which I was refusing to do for years mainly due to not being able to workout for a whole month. I did it now due to difficulties in breathing from my nose. Has any of u done a surgery and stayed off for some time? I’m just bothered by the fact that I might add unwanted fat just sitting at home doing nothing but eating and all that extra energy without training turning me crazy lol ;p Any advice?

Just had surgery last week and will be on crutches for 3 weeks. Should be able to get doing something in the gym in about 10 days, but for now the focus is just on following my doc’s orders and recovering. Eating clean, taking my supp’s to control inflammation and spending sometime goal setting.

Recovering is not easy when you want to just get back at it. Taking the time to heal is harder for a lot of people. I am going to get a little soft in the next few weeks, but if I focus on recovering I can come back even stronger in the long run. Pushing it too soon is just going to drag the recovery process out even longer.