HELP. Possible Nerve Pinch

Hey people, I am an 18 year old with almost one year of training under me. I am currently on the 14th week of Stronglifts, and I am currently squatting/struggling at 280 5x5. When I squatted on Monday, I THINK my left leg might have moved toward the center a little bit.

As I did that, I felt a little jolt on my left outer quad around the knee area, I think it is called the vastus lateralis the rest of my quad is fine. That area has been a little numb ever since, I can feel the sensation of touch, but it is less sensitive than my right quad, almost like a light anesthesia from the dentist. I ignored it and squatted heavy on Wednesday with the numbness without any problem, but when I was doing bodyweight GPP today, a jolt even stronger than the one on Monday shot into the same area when I was lunging.

Now the area doesn’t hurt all, it isn’t swollen or discolored, but it just still has the same numbness. I am scared to squat for tomorrow :frowning: I don’t want to cause any nerve damage. I rather rest for a month than to be out for a year. Has anyone had similar problems? Please help!

P.S. I do dynamic stretch before workout, I warm up properly, and my squat depth is good, I have checked