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Help - Possible Gyno

Long post but please read…
At first I was hesitant to post because of all the bashing plus I’m a little embarrased but WTF here goes.

4 weeks ago I finished a cycle which was the following

week 1-8 deca 150mg ew
week 1-8 test cyp 100mg ew
week 1-4 25mg dbol eod.

Just so you know this was done before discovering the forum (which is awesome) so alot of mistakes were made like I had no pct plan and didnt even know what it was.

Well my left nipple got ichy for about 5 minutes one day half way through my cycle. Me having no clue just figured it was part of the steroid side affect.

Well 2 weeks ago (2 weeks after my cycle ended) I ran accross this forum and discovered something called gyno and its symptons. I let out a big “oh shi*” and immediately started poking at my nipples. After doing a bunch of poking and freaking out I noticed bb lumps on my left nipple and 1 bb lump on my right nipple. Another oh shi*. Alot of puffyness on my left nipple and a little on my right. I Immediately ordered letro, nolva and clomid in liquid form. These symptoms went untreated for a week before my letro,nolva and clomid came in.

It just came in yesterday and took 2.5mg’s of letro and 25mg’s of nolva. Today I noticed the dull ongoing pain I have been having for a week has subsided a little and the pain just comes on and off. Im really curious to find out if it is gyno then whats next? Will it end up like being a wannabee tit, or if taken care of with letro and nolva just subside but still sensitive to natural estrogen and just slowly grow?

So Im really hoping for some reliable knowledge and advice from experienced people. Please save the bashing and b.s.

thanks in advance guys!

have you ever used pct before? i only ask because it’s seems a little strange to me that you’d show a syptom after only 4 weeks on. d-bol can be rough, but still. did you give enough time between your last cycle?

this’ll be a million to one shot, but are you fat? i’ve known a couple people that thought they had gyno, but they were just fat and stored a lot of fat on their chest. they had gyno fever. do you?

I took 3 months off from my previous cycle which was straight d-bol 25 mg capsules eod for 2 months. No I never have done pct before, didnt even know what it was until I stumbeled across this board.

Im a little overweight, but always had a tight chest , I seem to store most of my fat around my gut and ass.

just a update. letro and nolva took care of the symptoms. whew.

[quote]strongwall wrote:
just a update. letro and nolva took care of the symptoms. whew.[/quote]

Letrozole is very good for gyno :slight_smile: