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Help please!

My estradiol and prolactin have been elevated well above normal for a 26 y.o. male on two seperate occasions, my testosterone was also much lower than normal. The endocrinologist would not prescribe anything to me to help me out. I looked into this because I have always had substantial gynoid fat distribution, water retention, acne, and bouts of depression. Despite the symptoms and the numbers he wouldn’t help me because I didn’t have Gyno. Meanwhile I have 30 lbs of fat on my rear that I can’t get rid of and I have problems getting it up. What can I do? Should I get arimidex? All my other numbers were normal like thyroid, blood sugar, etc. Any advice?

Have you tried any 4-AD products yet, Mike? 4-AD is an active androgenic hormone that not only has masculinizing effects, but it is also believed to lower estrodiol levels.