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I have been on creatine for awhile now and Im just not getting the gains that I was looking for. All it did for me was put on to much water weight and I didnt like that. Now I heard that creatine does not work for everyone and I dont know if that is true or not. I am looking for a supplement that helps me to gain size and strength. The creatine I was on was cell tech.

Thanks for any help at all.

See you in the gym


Creatine is hardly a super supplement. Most people nowadays take 5g a day to replenish the stores in the body.

You need to have your training and diet working in order to make gains. Simply taking creatine won't do a lot for you.

If your diet isn't up to par, then you are better off investing your creatine money into protein, EFAs and so on.


Lift heavy and eat like a pig if you want to gain some serious mass.