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Help Please!!!


I'm a 22 yr old male...5'9, 185 lbs. It seems like every 6 minutes my body changes. I can't seem to maintain size or leaness. I would like to put on about 10 more pounds. Can anybody offer any diet advice or give me a diet plan idea?? I'm already eating a protein shake twice a day.


Look to the left of your screen. Scroll down to where it says Articles. Click on it and find the diet programs and nutrition/supplements links. There is so much info in there I doubt it is possible not to figure your diet out after reading them.

Good Luck man.


Try 6 protein shakes, and throw in some chicken breasts, tuna, cottage cheese and eggs. Oh, and maybe some brown rice, oats and nuts as well.


Also you have to have patience it takes time. Slow and steady, YEARS of work.

You cant expect to put on a few lbs and then take off the fat the next week you'll just lose most if not all of it. Stick with a goal LONG term.