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Help Please

i play football and i am getting ready for some workouts with some teams, i decided to do a short cycle of avavar, turinabol and furazabol i have been on the var for a month the t-bol for 2 weeks and furazabol for 1 week. ever since i started the cycle i have been very tight in my hamstrings and its takes for ever for me to get warmup before my speed workouts. at this point i was wondering what i should do to take away the tightness. otherwise i have very plz with the size and strength gains for this cycle. if you guys are wondering why i am taking a chance doing this cycle is bc after indoor track i need to gain some strength and size i lost and only had 7 weeks.


Try increasing your potasium intake.

come on people give me some help.

I’m not sure if this would help, but Taurine helped me with some serious back pumps that I had with S-drol. My back muscles would always be tight!

Even when I would start to run my legs would start to pump up and they were always tight. This was hams, glutes, calves and quads. But Taurine helped immensely.

Taurine is very inexpensive and usage is only 3-5grams ED. So, this might help you out, it’s inexpensive and it’s worth a shot!

how long did it take to kick in, since i have only 2 weeks.

[quote]utfootball4 wrote:
how long did it take to kick in, since i have only 2 weeks.[/quote]

2 days.