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Help Please

I just graduated highschool. I’m 5’9" 180lbs and i’ve been working out for two years. Been thinking about doing a cycle of 500 test and some deca. any thoughts on this?

Mix them in your blender with your protein shake and you will see awesome gains.

Bump. please guys. I have been thinking hard about this I really need some input :slight_smile:

I might not be much older then you but your to young simple. I’m still to young but I made the decision. And 5’9 180 can very greatly in the way you look. Didn’t even lay the cycle out. Don’t do it for your own good.

Did you know deca can make your dick not work? Are you sure you want to take the chance? You are almost certainly too inexperienced to start this. You would be much better off training really hard on a good program and eating well for a couple of years. A lot of guys do this stuff just so they can feel like they are 18 years old again. In the meantime educate yourself starting with the stickies in this forum.

It can affect my pp? help please I need more information.

The information you need is that this is a bad idea. The fact you presented us with so little information tells us all we need to know. You didn’t do enough research. Read instead of asking questions.

And when you do decide to run a steroid cycle (which shouldn’t be for at least several more years), don’t fucking use deca in it. Not for a first cycle. EVERYBODY should run test by itself for their first run. No exceptions.