Help please!

Here is my situation. If anyone could help me, it would be much appreciated.

Currently, I weigh in at 170. Would like to gain,…but first things first and herein lies my issue. I want to get rid of my gut first. For the past year I have been following a modified Atkins diet. I still have a decent amount of fat in my stomach, and would like to burn this off before I start to incorporate a lot of carbs back into my diet. Will a product like Biotest Mag-10 help me put on muscle and burn some fat?? Or possibly Androstene?? I would really like to start with a program that will pack on some muscle, but don’t want to incorporate heavy carbs back into my diet until I lose my stomach! Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Also if I take a two week supply of Mag 10, do I need to take the Tribex 500 afterward. and if I do, do I also need to take M??

Please help!!