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HELP Please!


Im 5'10,When I entered college (this fall) I weighed 180lbs 9%bf, I was on a test cycle that ended august 25th. I now weigh 164lbs. I will admit using steroids was the worst/irresponsible choice. My testes are still not back to their normal size, and my once perfect body is gone. I want to take a non AAS supplement of some sort that will help me get out of this catabolic state.

Some obvious supplements are protein, creatine, glutamine, beta alanine, nitric oxide etc. I also need to change my diet and cardio routine.

does anyone have any suggestions for a lost kid. AND for the record I realize how stupid it was to take roids at 18.


Have you ever considered, and I know it's pretty batshit fucking nuts, eating good and exercising properly?



Eating the right Food + working out + time.

How much did you weigh before taking the test?




165, back where i started


its hard to eat good when your away at college.


Give up then.


zinc and magnesium before bed might help your body's own T production

nitric oxide is a great sex aid; it makes you hard. for making skeletal muscles bigger or stronger, it's worthless

rome wasn't built in a day

recovery's where you make your gains


No it's not.

If you're lazy then yes it is, then lifting weights may not be the best hobby for you to follow


well i eat well i just dont have any money to buy maintenance calories, im currently looking for a job. And lifting used to be my life, I never thought id lose the motivation.


Maybe make some less healthy/clean choices, it's not forever just for a few years.

Motivation - most people lose this at some stage. Set some alternative goals i.e. I want to bench XXX or do a different programme. This is hobby it needs to be fun and make you want to come back for more.

If you're doing a high volume, look at low volume and vice versa
If you're following a bodybuilding routine look at something like 531 and aim to get stronger.

Anyway college can be great time, it can also be a very tough time.


Lack of motivation is a side effect of low test.

Not that small testicles isn't also a warning sign that T is low but why don't you get a real check up in the university medical center? For most students it is free and confidential, since they are used to dealing with sex related tests.

They will be able to help you fix this you just need to admit your problem.
^^To real people not internet forums^^




You said in your OP that you're looking to "take a non AAS supplement of some sort that will help me get out of this catabolic state."


You're only 18, so one test cycle shouldn't have THAT much of an effect on your body. You probably had 0 PCT and didn't keep your calories high enough to keep any gains, so now you're back to your baseline weight.

If you're that concerned with your test levels, then get bloodwork done.


(10 second google search)

did you do a PCT?

buy nolvadex

get blood work


i used nolva 20,40,40,20


arent you supposed to start with the high dose then drop down.......?

any way maybe it was fake. buy some more from a different company?

there's a steroids forum you should probably ask them.


This has got to be a troll...or at least it doesn't pass the smell test to me. I've met some really dumb people in my time, but I have a hard time imaging someone taking steroids at 18 while having no sense of what a sensible diet or workout would look like.

OP, if you're serious, I would probably see a doctor to get some blood work done and to establish a baseline for your current nutritional/medical needs. Then, just view it as starting at square one. Learn about eating right and working out properly. It's a fun journey, but you're going to need to get a sense of where your feet are placed now to know where you'll be walking to three years from now.


I assume your not majoring in English...


Pre-law/history lol