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Help Please


Ok I'm pretty new to this stuff so I could use some feedback. Been on test cyp 200 2cc wkly for about a year. A while back i tried some trem ace with it. I did 1 cc trem w 1cc test cyp twice a week. I tapered off tren about a month ago and lowered the cyp I was taking slowly. Just got bloodwork done and these are the results.

Dhea 131 ng/dL
Testosterone serum 1130 ng/dL
Free test. 49.2 pg/mL
FSH <0.2 mIU/mL
LH 0.1 mIU/mL
Estradiol 87.6 pg/mL

Doc wants me to cut down on test cyp to 1cc weekly and gave a script for letrozole which I can't afford. Supposed to maybe get script for serving else later today.
I just recently lost my gut and now I want to lose a bit more bodyfat. And of course I wanna get big vascular muscles. Lol

So what the hell do I do. He wants me to an endocrinologist he works with in a couple weeks. So hopefully one of you guys can help. I been looking at serms sarms and peptides on line.


I'm not sure what you're asking?

~Your estrogen is high and that's why he gave you the script for Letro - if you take it be careful with the dose as very very little goes a long way. But if you drop to 200mg/week you probably/might not need it anyway.
~I'd see the Endo and get a legit script since, I'm assuming, you need it if you're not already on TRT. After that IDK, you could have your moments where you "blast and cruise". Unless you're huge I think you'd make better gains running a lower dose half the time and pushing it higher other times - and that would fit your doctor's wishes, probably your estrogen, and probably your goals of... Well I assume they're just to get a bit bigger and leaner?
~I'm on legit TRT and "supplement" on top of that at times. I'm 6'2" 220lbs at 8% most the time and don't need 400mg/week test to maintain, but I'm not huge, just bigger/leaner than average.

~Hope something helped being as I don't know what you're asking :slight_smile:


THis is not a source board.


2nd that. just google u will find a sh!tload


Thanks people. Not looking for a source on here. Been looking around long enough to know that's a no-no.
Just wondering what u guys would do with those numbers. I want to know what to ask the doc for. I don't know if I should stop the tht and ask for hcg. It's just really hard to get good info and u guys on this forum seen to know your shit.

By the way I'm not huge just a bit bigger than usual. I'm 5'8 and 212 pounds at 46 yrs old. Waist size 36-35 so I do want to get that to a 32-34. I have a 18 inch neck and bi's.


Was wondering how to dose femora so it doesn't kill sex drive.