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Help Please - RAD 140 Then Test 400 - ED Side Effects PCT Recommendations

Good afternoon -

I messed up, plain and simple. I have been lifting since I was 16 years old, I am currently 25. I have never been interested in using steroids or any other supplement until this year. My circle of coworkers began using anabolics a few years ago and have blown up. Most of them look great, and I went to being the smallest in the group.

I was convinced to start by, what now is the dumbest thing I have ever heard: “You will eventually go on TRT, so why not just enjoy it now”? I did not want to jump into anything, so I started using RAD-140 (Testolone) 30mg for 12 weeks, first time I have ever used anything. I lied to my buddies and told them I was using Test/DECA, which was a lie.

The gains on the SARMS were amazing, peaking at month 2 gaining 20 pounds of solid muscle. I know now, using this is a starting cycle was way too much and suppressive. I PCT’d 4 days after my last RAD dose, for 10 days 50mg Clomid. I did that for 10 days, felt great and discontinued.

Then, a few weeks after, I started noticing I was going limp during sex. Not as erect, libido crashed. Prior I used to be able to have sex 3 rounds, all the time, everyday. I have a lot of partners, so when I noticed I could not get hard I panicked.

I started using a Testex 400 mix (Test Cyponiate 187MG, Test Enathanate 188MG, Test Propionate 25MG, total 400 MG) for 4 weeks, the last shot being on Saturday, close to a week ago. It helped a little bit, but no where close to 100%. I have been able to have sex, except with the one girl I really like. I continue to go limp on her.

I no longer want to use ANYTHING. I am done with all of this, and want to remain natural. The issue I am having is my erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. I spoke to my DR and he prescribed viagra to help as well, which does.

I have managed it now, but am afraid my issues will come back now that I am stopping test. So far though my testicles have not shrunk, and no other side effects except the loss of sex drive and at times limp dick. What do you guys recommend I do for PCT? I never want to use this stuff again, and want a smooth landing so I do not experience the limp dick again. I have 50mg of clomid on hand, no AI.

If all you have on hand is the Clomid then that’s what you’ll have to use. 50mg/day for two weeks, then 25mg for another four. Two weeks after the Clomid has ceased you get blood work done. This is not ideal, but it’s what you have in your possession right now. Alternatively, because your pct won’t start for another few weeks, you can probably get your hands on some nolva. If you choose not to do that then simply take the Clomid. Don’t overdo it though, the sides get nasty at higher doses.

Will do thank you very much. How long should I wait until I bounce back to normal?

Depends. Clomid works well and you should start to feel better pretty quickly. But that doesn’t mean you’re normal. Guys get blood work done a few weeks after they’re off pct and that’s the real indicator of how close to baseline you are.

I know the situation you are in sucks and is extremely frustrating, I’ve been there before after a slow start to recovery, eventually I did get better it just took time, which feels like an eternity when you can’t get it up. Just follow your pct protocol and give your body the time it needs to build up again, try to avoid relying on viagra all the time, if your worried about the girl you like, if you feel like you can be open with her just tell her what your situation is and that it will get better. Best of luck man, patience is key right now and try not to let it get to your head.

Okay. You said I have a few weeks before starting the PCT - it’s been a week since what I decided was my last shot. How much longer should I wait before beginning my PCT?

Thank you so much! How much time did it take for you?

Two more weeks if you want to go by the actual science. If you follow the bro science it’d be one more week. Because you were only on for four weeks it’s possible that you could start a little earlier than normally recommend, maybe 10 days from now.

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Okay, 10 days it is. Thank you very much, you’ve been really helpful.

Also I don’t believe its in my case and likely yours related to test levels, estrogen or prolactin, mine are well in the normal range but I believe similar to tren/deca that those sarms have an effect in the brain that we dunno about

goodluck bro, I’m 18 months off any sarms after rads and lg4033 and my dick has never been the same despite trying TRT and also now chilling with my bloods in the normal range my erection quality is way down. Hopefully you do better then I did

How old are you brother? I’ve had 3 successful sexual encounters this week with 3 different women. I’m having that girl I like over and will try with her again see how that goes. That’s with no viagra/cialis In almost a week. I might be bouncing back and it may have all been mental but yeah man definitely regret the sarms. I never got on LGD4033 but I read that stuff is more suppressive than test pound for pound. I was in your spot bro trust me I was miserable but I think once I used the cialis/viagra a few times it got my dick out of the mental slump. How long did you use the sarms? Did you PCT? I’m trying to avoid TrT man I want nothing to do with hormones once in past the PCT

I was probably close to 4 or 5 months after my pct before I felt back to “normal”. I just did my full pct and waited, I had to tell my girlfriend what was up because she thought I wasn’t attracted to her anymore. It can be mental to if your getting nervous before it even happens and expecting yourself to have issues, I know it sounds stupid but just clear your head before you are going to hook up with her and don’t beat yourself up before it happens.

good news brother I’m 35, being in the slump definitely adds to it, I did pct and then tried trt for a year which I think compounded my issues and made my “wait and recover” time gonna be longer.

Have a read of this one

6 times a cycle length for some to recover from decas changes to the brain, these brain chems control your dick more so then test imo, ive had low test in a pct and low sex drive before however still been able to get rock hard, however I believe when these brain chems are imbalanced your dick simply doesnt work and it takes time to level them back out, more hormones just magnifies the problem, some tolerate these really well and will never need to think of this but others get smashed

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Great article bro, but thankfully it also gives hope that although time is a factor, the neurotransmitters recover. I thank myself everyday for NOT using Deca. When I first started my buddy gave me a 10 week supply of Deca and test. I threw that shit in my closet and never touched it, ordered Rad140 instead. I think you’ll be good man your body seems to just be one that got smashed up. I also did my own trt as you read above but I only did 4 weeks and decided I’m just going to let my body do it’s thing. Age is a factor man, I think that’s why I’m bouncing back quicker. I read your post brother and it can also be caused by the Tren You used barely catching up to you. I also only used a short amount of period, how long have you been using AAS? I’m gong to leave a response on your thread here soon.

Sounds rough bro but I think I’ll make it! I have viagra as a last resort for those rough 4 or 5 months. Why do you put quotes around the normal? Makes me nervous man lol do you think you’re still not fully recovered?

Anyone ever taken longer than 3.5 months to regain proper sex drive and erection quality after a cycle? 3.5 is where I’m at now , viagra and cialis dont help, feels bad

Bloods officially done. Is it safe to say I have successfully restarted everything after my PCT? Just turned 25.

Looks good. How do you feel?