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Help Please - Need Suggestions


Hey everyone!I have been training for about 1 year and 2 months now.When i started i was really skinny,but i packed up some muscle.I added about 50+ to my starting wheight and now i am stuck.
For 2 months or so i can not build more muscle.i did the 6 weeks 2 superman program and it really helped alot,burned some fat and my shoulders are bigger.
But now i dont know what to do,any suggestions?
Note that i am not worried about abs and all that,i just want to build muscle.Please if you have any ideas for a program i could use tell me.And also i was thinking of taking supplements like creatine and whey protein.I'm 17 btw.


Post your diet plan and current stats please.


Im 177cm tall,187 bodyweight
About the dietary plan i really do not have one,i just try to avoid any sugars or anything with bad carbs,off the junk food for a year now and no cola or anything like that.
I know i know,i really need help


Fix that and you will grow. Supplements don't work if your diet sucks.

Start by reading the stickies.


one last thing,if i get a propper diet,and i start the jim wendler 5/3/1,u think it will help?


Jim Wendler is the way he is because of 5/3/1

Do you really need to ask that question?


lol sorry :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the help man


No problem

Buy the 5/3/1 book. Best $20 you will spend this year.

Get the 5x5 work out, if you want.

Follow the numerous programs on this site.

JUST START TODAY AND STICK WITH IT FOR A YEAR. We will talk again in July 2012.

Growing muscle is easy: Eats lots, lift heavy, get plenty of sleep. If you find yourself stalling, while following a program, it's because you are not eating enough, not following the program or/and not resting enough.

Once your diet is in check, whey protein and creatine is fine. But by then, you will have more knowledge, so you will answer your own questions.


I saw this reply a little late but to tell you the truth that is what i did,i actually just finished my first week of the program,with exact percentage of the weights and reps,and i am loving it ! i finished the book in less than 3 hours and i took notes all the way through!And feeling great !


1 week down, 51 to go.