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Help Please - Meal Plans

Hello Everyone

I know this is going to be perceived as lazy but Im after some advice and personal experience,

could someone please point me in the direction of an article with meals plans for weight loss? I know just by reading alot of threads here that most people are going to be sick of hearing the same old, I want too lose fat but gain muscle, so Im not going to say that instead Im going to ask preferably for one that includes more high protein foods

Im looking at losing about 10-20lbs

im currently 220lbs at 6’2 probably anywhere from 14-20% body fat just wanting to get around the 10% mark

sorry I’d post a picture but Im afraid I Don’t have any pictures with me holding a sneaker lol

cheers in advance

Id check Out T-Dawg 2.0 a very easy to follow and effective diet for shedding fat and keeping/gaining strength and muscle


Simplest and most effective thing i’ve read:

6 meals a day.

Protein and green vegetable with every meal.

Good fats with each meal: small handful almonds, walnuts…etc.

Carb+Protein beverage before and after workout.

Regular cardio.