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Help Please Blasting with TRT... Planning Blast Dosage Amounts and Times

So at present I have 12 boxes of Test Cyp 250mg/2ml for the first two months of the 12 week blast.

So that’s 3000mg (3 grams) over the first 8.6 weeks = That’s 348mg a week.

My TRT is 13.75mg (.11ml) a day = 96.25mg a week for my daily Sub Q TRT dose.

So for my IM blast shots that leaves 251.75mg per week, call it 250mg.

How should I spread out the blast shots given there are 7 days in a week which would throw off the dosage times, if I were doing 2 shots a week?

Regarding Dosage frequency and amount:
I suppose if I took a 3 week period that would be
750mg every 21 days (250mg x 3)
750mg = 107mg x 7
Therefore should I take 107mg every 3 days (meaning it would come to 750mg at the end of the 3 weeks and I would taking shots consistently at the same amount)?

107mg = .857ml (based on the 250mg/2ml Test Cyp ampules)?

Is my math correct? I haven’t needed to do calcs like this since my school days.

Is there an ideal time of day for the blast shots?

I am new to blasting so please forgive me if my approach to this is wrong or my math is wrong.

Thank you

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