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Help Planning Test E and EQ Cycle

This is my first post and also first cycle I will begin, I am 19 years old 6 ft tall and 224lbs . As a junior in highschool I wrestled at 140 weight class , I believe I was 4% body fat that was at 16 yr.

Senior year I had gotten up to 180 with around 8% body fat, one year after I graduated I was more of a protein junkie and got up to 245 and as I said now I’m 224 and the protein has turned on me Meaning I have plenty of fat to share.But I am lookin to tone and maybe even gain some , I wanted some advice on usage , dosage on each for how long and what days of the week while using test e and EQ combined

Too young and you need a lot of research. You’re asking the vets to plan everything for you. Not going to happen.

How much are yo uwilling to pay for advice? Cycle designs can be pretty expensive. Its probably much cheaper to do your own damn research and come up with a plan and post it here for a (free) critique, which we are happy to provide.

Oh yeah and youre too young

“lookin to tone”…are you a woman?>

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:

“lookin to tone”…are you a woman?>[/quote]