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Help Planning Next Cycle, Thank You

Hi everybody,

first of all my stats:
age 43
height 175 cm (5 ft 9 inch)
weight 75 kg (165 p)
bf : around 9%

I’ve used PH like trestolone during the past years and I’d like to plan correctly my future cycle(s).

My goal: gain 10 kg (22 p) of muscles in 9 months, let’s say June 2017 weighting 85 (187 p) kg with 8% bf.

To reach this goal i plan to do a 3 months mass cycle trying not to add too much fat (oct-dec), followed by an off period of other 3 months to consolidate the gains, followed by 3 months of cutting (possibly with a cycle).

Let’s speak about my planned cycle, on which i’d like to receive your advices.

I have 17 ml of pharmacom sust 300 (300 mg per ml) that would be the core of the cycle.

I’d buy another vial (but i could buy something different) and use in this way.

1 shot every 3 days.
First 3 shots (1st week) 600 mg per injection (frontload)
all the following 11 weks shots of 300 mg.
(in the pic the resulting blood levels of T)

Calories : 1000 above manteinance on non training days, 1500 on training days.

Aromasin 25 mg ed

PCT : clomid

Now some questions:

Are my goals reachable according to you with this plan?

Would you add something and what?

Do you think frontloading is a good idea and would you change the strategy (first 3 shots with double dose of sust)

Do you think i should add Fina?

What other supplemnts would you suggest OC or PC ? (eg n2 guard)

I do not think sust alone can help, this all depends on how long you been working out, if you are already passed natural limit or not or competing, if you are planning on a 9 month long cycle why not just add primo as well? if you got the money for it then it will be the best investment if you can run it for 15+ weeks.