Help Planning First Cycle, Turanabol/Clen

Hello guys,i wanna start my first cycle of roids,a light one i can say,after all,its my first one, i read all i could/found/on the i-netz,and i can surely say,this forum is one of the best,filled with veterans (who actually help,RESPECT),and newbies/dummies/ like me, so i just start by given u some info about my first cycle,and details of me

Male - 27 y/0
5/7 foot,or 1,75 meters :)) , im from ro , here we use meters xD
95 kg , yeah im a big dude
Did gym for like 2 years,got on my ‘best form’ , naturally, after that pause for like…1 year?
Endomorf , fats like me like hell
GOT already gynecomastia , -_-

i will share with u freely,any info u ask me
My cycle

Turanabol + clenb (clen its a stimulant,not stero,so…)

Turanabol week 1 / 40 mg Clenbuterol 5 days on , and 2 off
week 2 / 50 mg Dosage week 1 / 20 mcg
week 3 / 60 mg week 2 / 40 mcg
week 4 / 70 mg week 3 / 60 mcg
week 5 / 70 mg week 4 / 80 mcg
week 6 / 60 mg week 5 / 100 mcg
week 6 / 100 mcg

PCT @ Clomid
week 1-2: a dose of 100-150 mg per day
week 3-4: a dose of 50-100 mg per day

200 mg FIRST DAY and 100 mg for the next 9 days ( this ‘advice’ told me some guy,who know what he is talking about,but still … he told me that a normal PCT clomid , would give depression , if u are on it for too long … ? )

The thing is , my first cycle i wanna be only pills , yes i know , my liver gonna do boom if the cycle is too long , side efects i could have from it , its more toxic than the intrav one , but as i said , i have gynecomastia already , and turnabol , its ok , and clenb , well , atm im kinda fatty , endomorf power…

First i wanna know , my cycle is a light one ,so… how many weeks/months/ should i stay off , until i start my 2nd cycle ? i would do the blood test eventually

Second , my cycle is an… ok one ?

3rd , help me with the PCT

Any kind of help will be apreciated.

Oral only cycles are generally ill advised. Youre shutting down your natural test and not replacing it with anything. If injectables scare you then you probably need to pick a different path. Also, running a cycle while overweight is not the best route. I like clen, its a great fat burner although it gives you the jitters and makes you sweat like crazy. Why not run the clen only until you shed the fat and then consider a test/tbol cycle?


Drop some weight (use the clen if you have to, but be aware that it’s not a free lunch), then plan a proper first cycle. Tbol is maybe my favorite steroid on paper. If it didn’t give me crippling migraines I would use it twice a year. But using it without testosterone is going to be no fun. East German olympians ran it for huge lengths of time, without testosterone, and got good results. The catch? They were using much, much lower doses. Like 5mg/d. I would bet all the money I have that if you could go back and rerun their protocols today using higher doses and adding testosterone to the mix they’d have had much, much better results in less time and with fewer long term effects.

Going the oral-only route is suboptimal. Period. Yes it can work. No it won’t kill you. But if you’re going to take the plunge then you should aim to do it right and not create more problems than are necessary.


Well , I don’t wanna run only oral cycles,just this one or MAYBE two , I know I’m shutting down my test , but thats why i got tbol , after that im going straight for PCT , i know , PCT is a must. Im not scared of injectables , after this i was going do to it a proper cycle , but oral , its more more easier,imo,that is why most of the ppl use it…
Thank you for advice : )

Most people dont use oral only.

Your being told this is a dumb idea and your going to do it anyways.

Good luck

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I know that clen can be VERY dangerous,used incorectly, well about tbol sideefects , every person reacts differently on roids , right? The thing with tbol , it already release test on ur body,as long u are on it,so for the moment i don’t wanna use it on this cycle, bcoz u only can get testosterone intramuscular,injections,and beside,i don’t wanna get masive gains for now

Well i did wanna do it , now i consider doing only clen , get rid of fat , then maybe tbol with smth else , dont wanna use clen without 1 month pause or so
First time i got onto this forum , i knewit its what ive been looking for , a site with people that know what they’re doing , if u think i would do it anyway , i didn’t come here asking for help :smiley:
Sorry for double post
And thank you guys for helping a dummie : ))

Why do you think tbol releases test in your body?

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its from what i read,didn’t test it myself yet

‘’ Turinabol reduces SHBG levels and so releasing a large amount of testosterone . This amount of testosterone released reduces the fatty tissue, strengthens and increases muscle tissue and promotes resistance to more effective workouts for athletes ‘’

That’s not how it works. While it lowers SHBG it also suppresses your natural testosterone production. You end up with less total testosterone as well as less free testosterone.

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Damn,so basically i can’t run a solo tbol,or anavar/winst, without injecting test?
Ty for letting me know…i tought that as long im on tbol,my test lvl gonna be high,and when im off of it,my lvls gonna be down as hell,until im on pct/period off

If I take 100mg of turinabol and weigh 73 kilograms… Am I 0.0013698630% turinabol?

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Hello , i previously created this thread ( sorry for spam ) , here : Help Planning First Cycle, Turanabol/Clen - #11 by unreal24278
As u can see , im an newbie , after hours and hours of documentation , i understand that , yes doing only a TBOL only cycle without a merely TEST , or smth , is stupid without a doubt
Thanks: @ blshaw
@unreal24278 XD

And i need to loose some kg’s first , and ill stick with clen for some time , and a proper diet / going to the gym , AFTER that , i will do a proper cycle , and here is where i need your help,please, im not an ignorant fool who have some drugs,and eh well… told u @zeek1414 , i will lissen to anyone who will spare some of his/her/free time to help a newbie
So basically i have turanabol , and i don’t know with what to combine , only test , or another thing ?
Most importantly i already have GYNOcomastia , so i need , from what i read , some Aromasin for it to supress it ( in case if it develops furthermoore ), B6 / zinc / NAC sustain ( this one i got it from u zeeke <3 ) LIV 52 , omega - 3 , taurine , and ofc clomid ,nolvadex
I’m 1,75m ( 5,7 foot )
27 y/o , male
95 kg , already have a-gym-history behind me

So please guys , help me with a good , proper cycle , and ofc a PCT for it , i won’t play around with this thing of stuff by myself , and for nothing in the end ( like taking only tbol , cuz why not )
im not afraid of pins or things like that
any help will be apreciated , even critics , i repeat , already have gynecomastia , i wanna get some decent amount of gains , i mean , good hard muscle , like the one u got from tbol , anavar , winst , etc , not bloated one
Im not ignorant , so any one willing to help me would be greately apreciated

Test 500/week the oral needs to be your decion as well as dose based on your research.

PCT nolva 40/40/20/20


After plenty of research,this will be the cycle:
Week 1-12 Test-E 500mg split in 2 doses(250mgdose)
Week 1-12 Arimidex ED 0,25 or 0,50 (already have gyno)
Week 1-6 Tbol 60mg ED
Week 14-16 Clomid 40mg ED
Week 16-18 Clomid 20mg ED

Support: NAC , Liv 52 , taurine
Sounds good? Any changes that should i make?

Ya I wouldn’t mess with adex like that. If your just worried about gyno take 10mg of nolva a day.

Im not sure about clomid doses for pct but I seem to recall them being higher then that those look like nolva doses.


further improvement :
Week 1-12 Test-E 500mg split in 2 doses(250mg/dose)
Week 1-12 10mg nolva ED ( ? )
Week 6-12 Tbol 60mg ED ( i saw one of ur comment and u say its better to start first only with test , after that add tbol , anavar etc @zeek1414
Week 14-16 Clomid 40mg ED
Week 16-18 Clomid 20mg ED

So my questions are , it is ‘ok’ if i take nolva every day from the first pin to the last one ?

and my PCT should remain the same as above ? even with my ED nolva ?
thank you

Everything looks fine except

Take the clomid out of pct it’s not needed. Instead when pct starts increase the nolva at the same dosages you have listed for clomid

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okay mate :slight_smile: , i love this forum
much respect for u guys !

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btw, u mean 10mg nolva a day,like 1 day of the week? or every day
guys i got the blood/test,arrived , i have high prolaction, already said, i have ginecomastia and some libido issues,and anxiety,etc…
but my test lvl is above normal or wtf ?
i need some help please


These are pre cycle blood test?

Prolactin is a bit high altho it’s not extremely high and there is a lot of things that can temporarily raise your prolactin slightly above normal.

Thats 10mg a day every day of nolva

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