Help Planning Cycle While Working Away From Supplies

So I started a new job in a drilling camp and its a fly in job. I’m just starting my second cycle of test , deca, anadrol. My concern is that I fly and can’t take my gear with me. I work 2 weeks on 1 week off. Any ideas how I can keep going ?

Nope. Gotta do it right or save for when you can.


Plenty of people fly with gear. Kinda risky though.

Is this offshore? If not, can they receive mail? You could always mail it to yourself.

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No gear no cycle. Its super simple. What answer you were hoping to get?

ummmmm prob something similar to the above, …great idea in mailing it to yourself

I have taken pre-loaded syringes with me in my check in bags. I use a toothbrush holder with the syringe inside padded with some cotton. Put that in my shaving kit and no problem.

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Oh man, not with that schedule

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educate me please. could you just run undecanoate? or it’s not the injection frequency but access to proper nutrition and training that makes this a bad idea.

he didn’t say if the nutrition and training can be consistent while he is at the drilling camp.

He could, if he can source it. The build up would take many weeks to reach peak levels, and that’s a hard ester to dial in and manage sides at regular TRT levels, let alone PED use. I’m guessing he wouldn’t be able to get labs as needed on his schedule. And yeah, the diet/training part could be problematic. Maybe they’ve got some equipment on site tho? I mean, he could take a giant shot of Cypionate the day before he leaves and let that peak then lower over the course of 2 weeks, plenty of docs still Rx it that way, but it wouldn’t be ideal, and leaves it open for more side effects. IDK, maybe there is no perfect way to do it, but a could try something that would be “good enough”?

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