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Help Planning 3rd Cycle, PCT Problems

Hello ,

I have done 2 cycles in my life.

Week 1-12 (500mg test e)
Week 1-12. (anastrozole 0.5 eod)

Week 15-16 (nolva 40 mg a day)
Week 17-18. (nolva 20mg a day)

Gains were pretty good,but Recovery was awful , lost punch of size . Crashed in week 17 depressed . Even used antidepressants 4 months had anxiety and 1 panic attack.

Ok i waited about 5 months. and did another one this time i TOUGHT I WAS SMART AND used DYLAN GEMELLI PERFECT PCT


week 1-20. (test e 350 mg)
Week 1-18. (bolde 700mg)
Week 1-26 (anastrozole 0.5mg ed)

Week 23-26. (nolva clomid ostarine cardari)

And then 26-30 nolva and clomid.

It was shit recovery also. Crashed again anxiety feeling awful losing gains and so on. Fuck that cunt dylan.

I almost sayed to myself, i never touch steroids again.
But then again i have read so much more now and im thinking of running short cycle with hcg during cycle and proviron in pct for mood

Here is the layout:

Week 1-8 (test prop 400mg)
Week 1-8 (hcg 500iu twice a week)
Week 9-12 (clomid 50/50/25/25)
Week 9-12 (proviron 50mg a day) maybe extebd use of 25 mg a day from there

Week 1-12 (adex 0.5 ed)

What would you think guys . Will the recovery be better with hcg on cycle and will proviron help with mood in pct?

Thank you all

whats wrong with just working out natty and not touching this hormones if they are not suiting you.

Theres nothing wrong. I just like the feeling of being on cycle. Any thoughts?

Anyone done cycles with hcg or proviron.? Anyone?

You’d think you would have done more research after your last pct went tits up. Proviron is suppressive. Why would you take that during the time you’re trying to recover your natural testosterone production? The P in pct stands for post, as in after your cycle. Taking proviron means you’re still on cycle.

You shouldn’t take adex thru your pct either.

Bro two shitty previous pcts why risk another? Blast and cruise and avoid all that or it’s probably just best to stay off the gear.

Unless it wasn’t as bad as you are making it seem in which case blast away

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I just cant understand why some would say its supressive when others have actually done the post cycles with proviron and swear by that 50 mg of proviron doesent supress you at least when ypu are on clomid.

And not using ai in pct was my first cycle major mistakes. I was estro sensitive so it was better for me to take adex 4 weeks after last injection. I tapered off off cpurse but small dose was needed for me. I did bloods every 3 weeks almost to see where my estrogen and test and lh were .

Blast and cruise seems to be the thing im not ready yet.

Thanks for answering. Also if im gona do that cycle i will post here. Was i complete idiot or was it better with hcg and proviron.

Any other expierience guys?

No using an AI during pct is gonna be a future. Mistake as well. That’s what nolva Is for. It’s. Blocks the effects of estrogen so it doesn’t matter how sensitive you are. All your doing by using an AI for pct is making your life miserable.

Because it is. Science is science my man.

Nothing wrong with that. Maybe hold off on gear until your ready for this. Clearly cycling isn’t the answer. We’re all different not everyone can handle cycling.

As iron said science is science.

Bro you got to stop listening to bro science on the internet. People will tell you all kinds of shit and swear by it. You have to cross reference this stuff with science /facts then make a informed choice.

Proviron in short is like oral masteron without the slight anabolic edge. Its used mainly as a cycle support supplement. It also has slight anti E properties. The pct you have planned is disastrous. You have adex and proviron. So not only are you still suppressing your natural test your also not gonna have any exogenous test coming in and your gonna be slamming your E2 with 2 different drugs essentially while taking a SERM. Probably one of the worse ideas iv ever seen for a pct. You’d be better off running nothing and waiting on a natural return

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Okei i understand maybe youre right. But what about research

Mesterolone has a very weak suppressive effect on gonadotropins and serum testosterone. Studies show that when given in moderate doses (150 mg per day or less), significant suppression of testosterone levels does not occur.574 In studies with higher doses (300 mg per day and above), the agent strongly suppressed serum testosterone.575

I’m not sure where you pulled that study from the one I have read men were treated with 50mg twice daily comapred to men treated with a placebo and there was significant suppresion…

Bottom line is YOU DON’T USE SUPRESSIVE DRUGS DURING PCT it doesn’t matter how significant the suppression is you don’t do it. Just like you don’t use an AI pct the serm protects your from estrogenic effects.

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JFC. Run the same pct that thousands of veterans have used for years rather than reinventing the wheel by making it Out of cardboard and shaped like a dildo. Pct is the least difficult thing to get right. It is much harder to run a good, multi-compound cycle and nail your diet and training perfectly. That’s like 95% of the work. Pct is straightforward. Use a SERM with proven scientific research and recover properly. End of story.