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Help Planning 1st 3 Cycles to Budget for Next Yr


Hey guys. A little background about me, im a trainer and a fitness consultant.
I have been working out since i was 14, but have only been fully dedicated and on point with nutrition since i turned 18.

I am 20 now, and will not be taking steroids for another 1.5 years, but wish to plan my cycles right now. Why?

Because i cant afford it right now, so i want to plan the cycles, find out how much it will cost me, and start budgeting and saving up money accordingly.
I will also be doing blood work every 3 months, starting from 1 month prior to my first cycle.

I am 178 lbs @ ~15% BF. Diet - 165g protein, 70g fat, 350g carbs daily.

My goal is to gain maximum size and some strength.
I will be using liv52 and milk thissle throughout cycles.

Here's what i had in mind for my first cycle-

WEEKS 1-12
Test-E/Test Cyp, 400mg a week, split into 2 shots (200 mg monday & 200 thursday)
WEEKS 2-10
Dbol everyday, tapering up from 10mg a day to 60mg a day, and then tapering down again.
NOLVADEX 20mg daily during cycle, 40mg everyday for 4 weeks post cycle (I will try and get my hands on clomid for the pct)

After i finish my 4 week PCT, i will take another 8 weeks off before getting onto cycle 2.


Weeks 1-12
Test 500mg a week, split in 2 shots
Dbol starting from week 2 to week 10, tapering up and down from 10mg a day to 30 mg a day.

What should i add with this cycle? Andriol? Tren? The goal is to gain size.


All kinds of wrong. Just run Test and an AI with a Nolva PCT. Why make this so complicated? And Tren for your second cycle? Jesus dude.

And don't take this the wrong way, but 178lbs at 15% BF and you are a trainer and fitness consultant?

As for the cost, if you can't afford some test, an AI and Nolva than you have zero business getting involved in AAS.


Also, my height is 5'5, hence the low bodyweight


Im working towards it. I have just received my certification and started working, pretty sure I can save up enough money in 1.5 years.

How about this-

Cycle 1 -
Test 500mg/week
Nolva 20mg everyday. Adex 0.125 EOD

PCT- Week 13 Nolva 40mg/day
Week 14-16 Nolva 20mg/day

Cycle 2 - Pretty much the same, except that i will add 30mg dbol everyday.


much better, although I'd run the adex at .25 eod and skip the nolva during cycle


Thanks a lot!

3 questions-

  1. Will i need HCG? or is just nolva and adex sufficient?

  2. What compounds do you recommend adding for the 3rd cycle?
    Im guessing that after 2 cycles and 8 months of bulking, i will probably want to cut, so i was thinking about some winny (injectable) and/or primo. What dosages do you guys recommend I start at, do I run it throughout the cycle, or only for a specific number of weeks?

  3. Will my PCT be the same for all the cycles? 4 weeks of nolva, dosing 40/40/20/20 mg per week?

  1. HCG isn't necessary. Don't run nolva during cycle. Nolva = PCT. Run your AI only during cycle.

  2. Up to you. First cycle should be test only. Second cycle throw in an oral. Third cycle figure out what else you want to throw in.

  3. Depends on time of cycle. Some people like to run PCT for 6 weeks even on basic cycles, others just run 4.


Thanks. I will run 6 weeks of nolva just to be safe, and an AI eod during the cycle.

Cycle 1 -
Test E/Test cyp - 400mg a week.

Cycle 2 -
Test 400 mg a week
Dbol Starting at 10mg a day and tapering up to 50mg. Then tapering down.

Cycle 3 -
Test, Winstrol & anavar.

Adex - 0.25mg eod
Liv52 everyday until 3 weeks after PCT is over.

PCT- 6 weeks of Nolva, 40/40/40/20/20/20mg per week.

Hope this is fine, do let me know if any changes need to be made :slight_smile:


I'll agree on the money issue. A year and a half to save, like 300 bucks? 300 would get you all your pins, ancillaries, and gear for your first cycle. If you don't have that kind of cash sitting around to use at any time, and actually have to save up for it, I think it's a bad idea. Particularly since you have nothing to gain financially. You're not a competitor in any sport.

I'm surprised nobody's mentioned this (maybe I missed it), but why are you tapering DBol? There's absolutely no reason to do this. You're also running it too long. Keep it at 4 weeks for the most bang for your buck. 5 or 6 weeks if you really want to stretch it, but certainly not 8. And run it at 25mg/day. That's a great dose to start with. I saw very little difference between 25 and 50.

Planning 2nd and 3rd cycles, aside from setting aside some money for them, is silly. You've never used these drugs before. You have no idea how you'll react to them. Everything might change after your first cycle. If you make incredible gains on your first, you might just run your 2nd exactly the same.


Thanks for the response.
I agree that the money issue may sound stupid, but I have just started earning.

According to my calculations, I can save up money for the first 2 cycles within the next 6 months.

The reason i wanted to plan 3 cycles is just to get an idea on how the costs would increase, and save enough money even for the most expensive cycles hat I would use in my first year.

If i save money for 1.5 years, I will have enough money for at least 6 cycles (spread over roughly 2 years), plus money for increased cost of living, more food, clothes, and even 8.5% inflation.

So i think I'll take at least 1.5-2 years to save money before cycling.

I just have 1 general question -
When you guys dont get time to workout due to illness/work or any such reason for months at end, how do you guys retain gains?

Does a high dosage test only cycle help maintain gains?


Wait what? Dude. If you're going to be out of the gym for months at a time, you're going to lose gains. There's no way around that. Why are you going to not workout for months because of work? You're a trainer, working out IS YOUR JOB.

I feel like you're wasting our time if you're not more committed to the gym than that.

Oh, and if I'm sick, I'm probably still at the gym.