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Help: PL Team/Coach In So Cal

Hi I got into training about 6 months ago and have become ingrossed in it. I’m far from being competitive but would LOVE to get into competition. I asked a few bodybuilder guys that I train BJJ with and one referred me to a PL gym called “American Eagle” here in Southern California. I went to the place and they had a few things I could use there (ie. boxes, bands, boards etc) but no coaches.

I worked out myself and at the end of my session I tried to talk to the owner about finding a coach. He informed me that he doesn’t have anybody who works for him and he just has an open door policy for people to come and lift.

This leaves me right back where I started. As I get stronger and lift heavier weights I start to fear injury more. I’d like to have somebody to critique my form and help me out. I’d also like to have the team aspect and competition between team members and formal PL competition.

I really have no idea where to look. I feel as if I am on my own learning from the internet and hitting the gym myself. Does anybody know of any teams/gyms/coaches in the Orange County or LA area???

My stats for those interested

@ 200lbs


If you are near san diego, look for kegrice (sp?) gym. I believe it is PL friendly and there are lifters there.

I just talked to a buddy of mine who mentioned if you are closer to LA, look up LA lifting club. They are supposed to have a bad ass gym too…