Help Picking Weights for Attempts

I have read about openers, and will be opening with what I can triple. However, I am a little unsure of what I should be picking for my second attempts.

For instance. I have a meet the 22nd. I had my last heavy deadlift session today and pulled 495 with good form no rounding and it felt decently easy considering I had just pulled 475 (also a PR).

I will have my last heavy-ish squat session this friday, giving me 8 days rest. I hit 435 in the squat recently.

For bench, I am seriously injured and will play that by ear and don’t plan on taking more than 1 attempt if it hurts.

So, should I pick weights I have hit in the gym for my second attempts or go a bit higher?

For deads I would go 465, 505, 5??. The 505 will tell you where to go with your 3rd.

Hard to say for squats with the info you gave. How tough was the squat and how was the depth? How much do you feel you had left on it?

Theres no rule on this stuff, just pick weights that will give you your highest total. Good luck at your meet!

Here is my squat vid.

It didn’t feel THAT hard, but it was kinda slow on the way up now that I examine the video.

Right before that vid I had done 365x2, 385x1, 415x1. So I wasn’t completely fresh.

My take- Pick your openers and play it by ear. I usually make my 2nd attempts at least a 10lb. PR, then decide my 3rd from there.

Your openers are just to ensure a total. After that, swing for the fences.