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Help Picking Program

What’s up people. So i need some guidance i’m stuck. So here is my predicament: I’m currently losing weight, (Down to 243) I’ve gotten it down from around 260, I’m 6’1. I was this heavy due to football but i tore my meniscus (lateral left knee) had surgery in august of 2017 and now i don’t want to play football in uni anymore. ( just graduated high school taking year off). So due to the surgey it completely tanked my numbers so i’m pretty much starting from scratch. Since I’ve been cleared to finally start lifting weights I’ve been doing this https://www.t-nation.com/training/4-week-routine-for-coming-back-from-forced-layoffs and now I’ve finished it and just starting to get back to normal.

I wanted to do CT’s Athlete Lean Athlete Strong program as i feel its good for what i want to do (drop the fat and build some muscle well doing it) but its based off of maxes and I’m not at all ready to test nor do i think that i’d get the benefit out of it that i would if i was 1000%. So finally heres my question, what program would you guys recommend, that will allow me to progress in my weight loss but also build the strength back. Oh just a Fyi for cardio I’ve been using the pool at goodlife as it allows me to do some cardio thats easy on the knee, but its still effective. Idk if that’s relevant but i thought i’d include it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you need any more info i can gladly give it i tried to keep this as short as possible.

Try this below… the full body nature will lean you out, the squatting doesnt get too heavy and people report good strength gains

took a look, it looks good. Because i’m trying to drop weight and stuff should i keep the pool cardio up? or drop it all together. wondering because in the article it says “you have to accept that cardio consists of changing channels with the remote.” Implying that you shouldn’t do any on the program.

Yes keep the pool work. And looking over it again myself, , should have added drop the farmers walks or go lighter if annoy your knee.

Yeah the remote control remark is just aimed at hardgainers looking to bulk -his main MO is building up underweight teens for football etc

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There are better ways to find your max other than straight up testing a max. Use your 3RM or 5RM and using a max calculator.

sorry my bad if i didn’t make it clear. I know that there are the calculators and stuff but i haven’t hit the point where i know what my 3 or 5RM for stuff like squat or deadlift Due to the knee because its all so low now, and constantly increasing as i work each week . So the plan was to do a program that doesn’t go based off % till I’ve hit the point where the numbers are not increasing as frequently. I hope that makes sense.

Yeah makes sense. Just thought I’d add that in case you weren’t sure if you could convert higher rep max to a 1RM. Hopefully the knee keeps getting stronger mate.

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If you ever get to the point where you can test your 3-5 RM, just plug that in as your 1RM. If you’re not planning on competing soon or ever, there’s hardly ever a reason to test a 1RM.

yeah ill be doing that from now on. Im use to testing the 1rm just from football and stuff, cause thats how are strength coach liked to do it. But now there is no point in taking the risk.