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Help - Physique Evolution


Hey guys I’m 21 and very keen to compete on natural IFBB type events (well eventually anyway). However, I feel like my physique is good but still not quite of that calibur, any suggestions please on training regimes, diets, techniques etc.




Definitely not an expert by any stretch, but from an untrained eye it seems like your back has really good definition and separation, but lacking a little thickness. Whatever works best for you as far as adding thickness (usually lots of rows and pulls) would be a very positive step to your physique

Other than that you’re lookin pretty damn impressive


What’re the wheels lookin like?


thanks mate, started incorporating heavy T-bar rows at high intensity (working my way up and back down a pyramid) and definitely feel like I’m heading the right direction in terms of thickness! Training methodology I haven’t used for a while and wake up feeling like I’ve been hit by a train most days haha so fingers crossed


currently under construction… no definition compared to my upper body. Started incorporating powerlifting for some dense muscle followed by dedicated hypertrophy days utilising plenty of TUT on the leg extensions for some quality separation. Progress pic coming soon


Awesome physique man. Some deadlifts could really be a good way to add some thickness to your back if your not already incorporating them


I would suggest heavy kroc rows and dead lifts… https://www.t-nation.com/training/kroc-rows-101