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Help: Pec Exercises


I've did my pec training day and I found some exercises --> Bench press, Flies, Incline press, DB incline press, Mid pulley crossover and peck deck but I'm wondering if there's some other exercises I can do for my pec day. Can you help me find some?


What more do you need, really? Pick three or four of those and get to it. This isn't rocket science.


one big one I don't see is dips

these aren't all for one session though are they?


I'm only looking for all exercises, not for one session, but after i'll make my day with some of those exercises. I just wanted to know what's the best exercises and then do put my session on paper


Push ups after any set is a must in my chest sessions.




There is no "best" but there are ones better than others. Just work with what you have, vary the rep ranges (6 to 12), lift for hypertrophy and strength on different days/programs (if those are your goals).


I guess it's maybe for exhausting a muscle after a main exercise. Which leads to the point - are you working the muscle hard enough in the main exercise to not have to do push up finishers at the end? (directed at Aussie).


Dumbell fyes are the most effective to build pecs.


barbell bench press (3 variations), dumbbell bench press (3 variations), dumbbell flyes (3 variations), cable (3 variations, pec deck, dips

3 variations- incline, flat decline.


shake weight


Yeah, That's what I was going for. And no, but by the end I'll know if I pushed it hard enough with that as an indicator.


Especially floor flyes.