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Help Pct Gyno Site Injection Questions


okay let me start off my saying I do not plan or want to use steriods I am simply asking on terms if enetertainment purposes i have
been researching and have a few questions

  1. how do you know if you have or are getting gyno and why exactly is it?
    is it like a lipid? thts the impression imam getting

  2. if you guys inject in different spots does that distribute the compound all out the body or
    is it the same if you just use one spot?

  3. can clomid be used with any cycle alone and be enough?

thanks for helping in advance I know it's dumb of me to ask but I am jus curious


you would be better off reading the stickies, I'd delete this post before you get burned by some of these guys lol


hahah okay thanks


Your questions are reasonable. Answers are easily discoverable too, but most simple ones are.

Gyno = mammary tissue growth.

Different sites are used for safety reasons. Steroids eventually enter the blood stream...

Third question is too vague to answer.