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Help..Paper Due !!


I have a paper due on the possible approaches that can be taken to address racism. So far I came up with psychology, education, geography, and history. I would really appreciate any ideas on different approaches or the ones that I've listed, with a brief explanation of how it would solve racism. Thanks in advance!!



Regrettably, I don't think racism can be "solved".

The best thing that can be done is to protect the individual rights and safety of the victims of racism.

Many believe (myself included) that perhaps the greatest thing to come out of the Civil Rights Movement were in the Laws and their enforcement:

1) "Passively" (by getting rid of "Jim Crow" laws; do a search on that) and

2) "Actively" (by anti-discrimination Legislation).

Hope this gives you a start!



I've posted on two that i've seen, but this just deals with ways individual people use to keep themselves from making racist comments not to mention that its just rude. 3rd post down



Another way to address this is to look at self reliance, and the poor me syndrome. Too mnay people walk around blaming others and want to cry racism when it's there own fault they are in the position they're in, at least thats the way I see it.



you mentioned Psychology have you mentioned the jigsaw studies?


Intermarrage between all the races untill one race exists.


Most approaches today are flawed in that they focus on acceptance of differences. Any psychologist will tell you that you first need to establish a common ground or understanding.

That would be focusing on the similarities among all races not their differences. Once you understand the similarities you can move forward to look at the differences. Some differences may never be understood, but you will still have a common ground of similarities.

Class dismissed!


like all problems in this world, racism can be solved by recruitting the women of every skin tone. As soon as we stop rewarding racism with any kind of sexual response, racism will stop.

once the world policy is tolerance=pussy, racism will stop dead in its tracks.

problem fucking solved.