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Help Other T-Nationers Find Jobs


I have noticed somewhat more posters during the daylight hours around here and am simply curious if this is because of the bad economy. No shame in it, been there myself long ago.

Maybe people could share some ideas with their fellow T-Nationers about finding employment.

I truly empathize (spelling?) with anyone who is suffering, esp if they have kids.




People just have greater disdain for their jobs and check T-Nation at work as a brief distraction. A little SAMA to get you through the afternoon.


Brief distractions usually turn into all day distractions for me.


amen to that.
I can't access SAMA from work, but if I go through my hub I get to threads that myself or friends have posted in.
Still get my work done, but some days if it wasn't for e-mail, T-Nation and FB, I'd go insane sitting at a desk.




I'm unemployed. Fortunately, I don't have kids or other dependents. Plus, I have a good excuse (I just graduated), and so I'm not too worried. I suspect that the daytime posting is a function of people being bored at work rather than unemployment. Even when I was in school, I found reading the articles and forums here to be a good mental break from the drudgery.


If you are looking for a job and capable of handling hard work, the drilling industry is hiring here in northern PA. Call Precision Drilling at 570 329 5100.

Almost everyone else up here and in Southwestern PA is also hiring. We have hired about 20 geologists in the last 6 months. There is so much going on here that almost any body can find something to do from construction to professional.


If anyone is hiring in the architecture / community development / urban planning sector even intern feel free to send me a message.

I'm getting by but I don't even have a bedroom for the last 5 months.


Thank you! This is the sort of thing I was hoping would happen.

Think how good it'll be if some man (or woman)esp with a family connected to job from your help!