Help Organizing My Layout

Right now I am doing a Upper Push/Upper Pull/Lower routine alternating 4x/week.

I would like to incorporate Mountain Dog shoulder training.

The areas I want to bring up are delts, glutes, hams, and calves. Tho I dont want to neglect anything obviously.

I want to keep lower day pretty well exactly how I have it now. (deads, squats, hams, lunges, claves, abs)

I am just not sure how to tie everything together if I have a shoulder day?

Any thoughts would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Also perhaps I should go back to an Upper/lower alternating schedule?

as for shoulders, do you really need to change the layout? I mean, why not just do half your shoulder work on your first upper day, and the other half on the second?

For a similar layout to what you have now, have you thought about a vertical upper/horizontal upper/Lower type split. By that I mean, shoulders and pull-up/down type back exercises on the vert and chest/rowing movements on the horizontal. I always felt like splitting my shoulders and chest up allowed me to have a much higher quality workout with each.

x2 with RDS
I usually do push/pull/legs and it was pretty easy to incorporate Mt. Dog shoulders into it. I would do anything of his for medial and front delts on push day, and the rear swings/destroyers on pull day. I found that as long as my front delts recovered before the next push day, it didn’t hold me back on anything else, even when I pushed it to 5-10 hard sets for medial delts.

ok, thats what I will do then…keep my current routine and just split it up into the push pull days. For some reason I thought it suggested to do it all in one day (I read it through super quick) which screwed me up.

Merci! :slight_smile:

Zraw works with Meadows and if I remember rightly he does all his shoulder work on chest day, so I don’t think it’s really all that essential you give them a whole day of their own.

I personally like to do an upper back/shoulder day just because my shoulders lag waaaaay behind and the extra upper back stuff (I already have a back day) helps keep me injury free.

it was something ( in Zraws thread I think, but cant find) that said this method was great for growth but also for shoulder health? Does that sound familiar or am I just a dreamer?

No reason you can’t do JM’s shoulder stuff in a chest/delts/tris workout. It’s meant to be done after chest anyway, and won’t interfere with tri work.