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Help!! Ordering Clomid

Hello everyone,

I found a mexican pharmacy that sells clomid. They don’t sell any roids and they seem legit. I would like to know if I am going to get arrested if I have a couple bottles shipped to my house. Is the stuff legal in the U.S. or not? Thanks!!!


Although Clomid is illegal in both Canada and the U.S., you are alowed to order personal quantities via mail order. Customs considers 50mg tabs 10 times a month for three months, a personal quantity. They will not confiscate a small personal order, but any more and they might, for fear of traficing. As side note is your source off the internet?

yes my source is off the internet. it’s a mexican pharmacy. so you’re telling me clomid is illegal but i can order a small amount with the only fear being confiscation. i just don’t want to get busted.

Recently, a female friend of mine mentioned she was taking Clomid for fertility reasons. She was paying around $20 a pill with her prescription. (She only had to take a few a month, but that’s still ridiculous.) Anyway, I found a source out of London and got her some for 50 cents a tablet. No problems getting it. Also read Cy Willson’s “Your Doctor, Your Dealer” article for more info.

Clomid is low on the customs list of banned substances. Unless you ordered a case of it, they won’t care. What is interesting, like Chris said, is that it is cheaper to obtain it without a prescription. Most online leagl pharmacies are charging $300 whereas via mail order it could less than $100.