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Help or Alterations to Workout


Currently started getting back into doing weights, never done much more
than a month or so and kept it going but this time I'm determined. The workout is as follows:
3 days a week, biceps and chest, triceps and back, shoulders and legs, doing forearms mibe twice a week (as elbows are clicking when doing triceps)
Biceps: bicep curls, hammer curls, side curls
Chest: bench press (dumbbells), incline press (dumbbells), flys
Legs: Squats, Lunges, calf raises
Shoulders: shoulder press, front raises, side raises
Triceps: tricep dips, vertical tricep raises, skull crushers
Back: dead lifts, foot to hip raises(dumbbell), stomach to chest pull-up(barbell)
Forearms: wrist curls, reverse wrist curls

All done 3 sets of 6/8 at as heavy a weight as is possible. Apologies for wrong names of excercises.
Any suggestions on how I can make this any better? (Trying to get bigger as fast as possible not toning)


You don't have any exercises to hit hamstrings, so you need to fix that. Romanian deadlifts, Good mornings, Glute Ham Raises, and Hamstring Curls are all good options.

Also, you should probably use some front squats, goblet squats, leg press, hack squats, or something similar to target quads better. For most people, squats aren't the best way to get big quads. And only doing lunges won't be enough.

On shoulders, don't forget your rear delts. Do rear delt lateral raises and/or face pulls for those and you should be fine.

Doing dips and skullcrushers will take a toll on your elbows pretty fast, and I can almost guarantee that's what is causing the clicking in them. Stop doing those for now at least, and do stuff like PJR pullovers, dumbbell tricep extensions, close grip bench press (decline, flat or incline), and jm presses instead.

For back, can't tell if you're trying to describe rows, but anyways, do lots of rows and their variations, figure out which ones work best for you. Also, some vertical pulling exercises. Stretchers (how John Meadows does them, neutral grip lat pulldowns, chinups, that sort of thing.

And don't think you need to stay in the 6-8 rep range. Nothing magical about that. My, personally, I tend to do lower reps on the big compound lifts near the beginning of my workouts, and as the workout progresses, I work my way towards isolation exercises done for higher reps. For example, last bench day, I worked up to 2 heavy sets of 3 on flat bench, then 3 sets of 4-9 reps on close grip incline bench, then some dumbbell flies and dumbbell tricep extensions for a few sets of 10-12 reps each. Get the drift?


I like the fire you have in you for this kind of stuff so I'm going to be honest with you.

The training part looks little too robust and complicated. I think you would build a much stronger and faster body if you narrowed it down to 3-4 compound exercises and really became an expert in those. Compound exercises are the bad-ass ones like Squats(front squats), (any)deadlifts, bench presses and so on. The list of a compound exercise, and what constitutes a 'compound exercise' is something you can Google.com since I know you want to become a beast.

What's even more honest is that with the training, all you truly need is to work hard. You can pick less-effective or more-effective exercises depending on what your goal is, sure, but the quality and quantity of your food-intake and your sleep quality, is pretty much non-negotiable.

What am I trying to say? I'm trying to say that as far as the gym goes, you need to get in there and work hard, that's important. Something that I think is more important though, and quite frankly the hard part, is to sleep 8 hours EVERY day, and eat LOTS of food EVERY day.

How much food? Definitely more than you are eating now. Why? Because you want to work-out like Arnold but continue eating like Justin Bieber. If you want to eat like Arnold, and train like Arnold, you need to eat like Arnold.

How are your meals any different from Arnold's you might ask? That's a great question and I think you should Google.com it. The guy is a fountain of wisdom(Bodybuilding-wise).


Cheers for both the replies, will take both into consideration in future workouts.
Looked up compound excercises as a basis for my workouts focusing on them,
Will also incorporate into days I'm looking to work on isolating or more specific muscles
To try and bring some more specific work on the hamstrings, rear delts and a little
less on excercises that put as much pressure on the elbow joints. Just realised that
For my back I did mean the standing upright rows but will try to add some more of them.
Finding the more I do the weights the easier it is to get at least 8 hours sleep a day
and will need to consider eating a lot more as to get rid of my gut in the process of
weightlifting I've been having a large decent meal in the morning (workout half an hour after)
then only eating chicken/fish etc. the rest of the day.


Ya dude chicken and fish is great but what I was trying to say that 'chicken/fish etc' isn't anything to hang in the tree. You can eat chicken and fish all you want, what if you aren't eating enough chicken and fish? and that only refers to your protein intake and gives no information in regards to your carbs, fats and also fiber in take. what about micro-nutrients and water?

I'm glad you got it all under control, my point was for you to look deeper in that stuff and perhaps realize that 'chicken/fish etc.' might actually not be helping you at all.

I eat mcdonalds once a day, at night, and it helps me stay skinny but muscular... so yeah, check this out brotha: