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Help! On TRT and My Doc Is Uneducated


I am 36 years old. I was feeling like crap a year ago and went to the doc. Bloodwork came back low test, so I started trt. It is the patch. I tried to talk him into injections, but he wouldn't here it. I started feeling good, then about three months into it, back to feeling like crap. Went back and test levels were up to 450. I had to beg him to check for E2. It was 33. He said that was normal and wouldn't give me anything beyond the test patch. What should I do? Try to educate him? Find another doc?


I would find another DOC ASAP. You can read the sticky on locating and interviewing a doctor. They should help.

My doctor wasn't on board for anything besides a T inject - so i had acquire most of my TRT (AI, HcG) myself. Which i can imagine could lead to serious confusion on lab tests for the doctor.


you should also be tested for SHBG and free T at a minimum. Your E2 is higher than optimal, and you would most likely do better with a level closer to 22. I agree with finding a new doc that would prescribe an AI (aromatase inhibitor). In the meantime, you may be able to get some reduction in E2 by lowering body fat (if that is an issue), eliminating alcohol comsumption, and taking 75 mg of zinc a day.


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I would say this should be a last resort. It is always best to have your doc on board with all your treatment and testing. For some this is the only option.


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I agree completely if this is your only option. I guess my point was that it would be best to find a doctor that will participate in your entire treatement plan rather than resort to self-administration.

Edit: I had been doing just what you described prior to finding my current doc who is entirely competent in these aspects. It is much better knowing that he is properly supervising the control of my E2.




Where are you currently located because I help run a clinc that specializes in HRT and fatigue in men and women outside philadelphia. I know of alot of good dr's in other parts of the states as well that are on board with the lastest cutting edge information. You just need to call and ask questions.


I am located in South Louisiana.


I'm not familar with that area or any qualified HRT dr's down that area. May be other guys can chime in.