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Help On Rep/Set Parameters?

I’ve been working out for 2 months on defrancoes better athlete plan and now I’m switching to this fbw:
Day A:
Glute-Ham Raises or Straight LegDeadlift
Bench Press
Inverted Rows
Core Work
Calve Work
Foararm Work

Day 2:
Bulgarian Split Squat
Dumbbell Decline Bench
Military Press
Upright Rows
Core Work
Calve Work
Foararm Work

Not sure what I should do for as far as reps/sets go. I want both strength and size. For the chins, pull ups, dips and inverted rows I can’t get a full 3x10 so I do 5x5 or 8x3. I don’t know if thats a good idea so any help on how I should set up my reps and sets would be very appreciated.

Strength is typically 5x3 through 5x5

Size is primarily 3x8 to 3x15

Do the primary exercises with the 5x5, the secondary 3x8 and the tertiary 3x12.

Bench press, overhead press, dead lift, squat, pull ups and rows are primary lifts.

Glute ham raise, reverse hyper, front squat, incline bench, dips, corner presses are secondary.

Flys, lat raises, arm isolation exercises are tertiary.

Read this for a complete understanding: