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Help on Recomp Plan


Hi everyone.

this is my first post, but i’ve been a long time reader on this and other forums.

i wanted to make this to get help and tips regarding my cycle and also motivate me and review my cycle. i will add pictures but keep them anonymous

29 years
98-100 kg
12% fat

1 rm’s:
240 kg deadlift
150 kg bench
210 kg Squat

about 10 years experience mostly train for sport Performance.
this offseason (cycle) is more cosmetic tho

i’ve been following the ultimate diet 2.0 approach for a while and really like it. i diet down nicely and dont loose strenght or energy for my sport in the weekend after the carb load.

i want to use this to recomp during my cycle wich will start end off this month. my goals is to loose some 2-4 % and maintain weight or gain muscle if possible.

i understand to recomp the diet is very important.
diet set up for me:

monday: low carb (2200 kcal) leg training + hiit
tuesday: low carb (2200 kcal) chest/back + sport practice (cardio)
wednesday: low carb (2200kcal) shoulder arms + cardio

thursday: low carb during the day (1500 kcal) hiit training and sport, first carb meals after (1500 kcal for 3000 total)

friday: high carb (4000kcal) leg power workout
saturday: medium carb (3000 kcal) chest and back workout
sunday: medium going into low carb 2800/3000 kcal (maybe some cardio)

week total: 19700 kcal or 2800 kcal a day
my maintanance is 2800 kcal, seems low but that is where i find it to be. i gain weight muscle and fat easely… i also loose weight easy but never really look shredded. desk job during the day.

cycle plan is low test higher tren mast

8 weeks:

test p 25mg ED
tren a 50mg ED
mast p 50mg ED

HCG and hg arimidex during cycle
and clen for low carb days

pct with clomid and nolva + peps 3-4 weeks

i can increase dosage if i need or want.

well that is the long and short of it i believe…

i hope it can and will be informational log and that people would like to post their thoughts.

also English is not my native language so sorry for any weird lines etc.