Help on Programming HLM

hi guys,

i am on my course with HLM but i need your help regarding programming please.

my typical template is
H 3x3-5 3 min rest
M 3x8-10 2 min rest
L 2x15 1 min rest.

all sets across and whole body. 186cm. 88kg. 19%BF

2200 kcal on off days. 2700 on training days. 30 years old.

I workout 2 x the week.

I did the one above and progressed good on the M and L day. The H day was difficult on progressing.
I deloaded afte 5 weeks:I cut back to one set and 80% of the weight used on all days and build to 100% up over 3 rotations.

Now i am trying for one top set on the H L and M days.(ramped)

The probs:

  • Perhaps the H day is to seldom to let a good progression occur. (remember i work out 2x the week so a full HLM roataion lasts bout 10 days)

-Also when deloading/getting back to the old weights i need about 5 weeks because my H/L/M rotation is spread out over 10 days

-Is it neccessary to switch to a ramped set approach? (i did it cause of variety) Or would it be enough to switch out the exercises after 5 weeks, ramp up and do the same paramters again?

-another thought of mine would be to combine one of the days with each other. Like H and L day. (like 3x3 bench followed by 2 higher rep sets)or H and M day (3x5 bench and 3x10 â??accessoryâ?? dumbbel benching)

So my main problem is how to deload right,HOW the cycles should differ between each other (paramters, exercises)and if a combination of some days would better fit in my schedule.

Thank you guys!