Help on Programming for Explosion

Hi guys currently doing 5 days of Brazlian Jiu Jitsu 2 of those days i also do powerlifting.

In a while i want to start adding some training for explosion, but i feel like learning the olympic lifts with good technique will take too much time and i understood i can probably shortcut by doing box jumps and push presses. (correct me if wrong)

Now i know nothing about training for explosion, so any links will be appreciated, or advice on frequency, sets , what % of my press 1rm should i use for the push press, how should i progress with these exercises, when should i do them, as warm ups for my powerlifting?, on different days? .

All constructive advice will be much appreciated.



Push pressing is not a bad idea, clapping push ups and jump squats could also work. You may want to look into hang cleans and a variety of plyometrics as well. I suggest learning the basic movements that you want to begin to incorporate into your programming and begin to insert them into your lifting time. Then, in the future, if you want to add more on non lifting days that’s always an option.

Power cleans and power snatches provide all the explosiveness but are a lot easier to learn. Box jumps and broad jumps are great too. Push press is great. Dynamic bench press as well, or dynamic any barbell movement for that matter. Put 40-60% of your max on the bar and do the movement the way you normally would except as forcefully as possible focusing on increasing bar speed with each rep.

This might seem unorthodox but for BJJ I always found dynamic pulling movements to be helpful too, unless you train no-gi only. Chested assisted rows or barbell rows done dynamically can help when trying to get someone close or stretch them out from open guard.

The dynamic movements are best done when you’re 100% fresh at the beginning of a workout. Don’t use them to fatigue. Once you start to slow down then stop. Sets of 1-3 reps for 10 sets, with 1min rest between sets is a proven method (a la Westside). It’s also probably a good idea to do different dynamic movements than the heavy lifts you have planned for the day. Like this:

Since you’re doing PLing two days a week:

Dynamic Bench Press
Dynamic pulling movement i.e. Power clean / power snatch / dynamic row (pick one)
Heavy Squat
Heavy Mil. Press

Dynamic mil. press
Dynamic leg movement i.e. Box Squats / Broad Jumps / Dynamic Squat / Jumping Weighted Squats (Pick one)
Heavy Deadlift
Heavy Bench Press

Tx guys!, good info to work with.
(more replys are still welcome)

For me personally, I developed a fair amount of explosiveness using Snatch-Grip High Pulls. Maybe another movement would have worked even better, but that’s what I was doing.

I’ve heard that many people have had success with various medicine ball throws: upwards, downwards, straight forward, etc. Just lightly weighted concentric-only explosive movements. Unlike with a dynamic bench press, you can accelerate all the way through. For that matter, I’ve heard of using the smith machine for that too, trying to just throw the bar upward as far as you can since it’s not going to go anywhere.

If you look through the “neural charge” programs on this site… there’s a bunch of exercises scattered around, and maybe a few videos. That might give you some ideas.

For that matter, it may make sense to ask/search through CT’s subforum, since explosive work seems to be one of his specialties. Although, these days, it might make more sense to just ask in his log in the Micro-PA section if you don’t get a response over there.

But all I’ve personally used is those snatch-grip high pulls. The rest is “it may help you, but I have no experience”.

explosion for what? lifting or BJJ