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Help on Periodized Routine


so i am doing a peridiozation routine, which's homemade template you can download in my progress diary.

but the thing is that in my attempt to get the best out of the two worlds of strength and bodybuilding, i have invented a " bodybuilding day ".

where i follow the classic bodybuilding rules.

the thing is, that on my program i am suppose to use like 70% of max etc( deppends on week) at the bench press and other exercises. but i will only be doing that on mondays cause of you know the bodybuilding day, will this ruin my gains?


working with 70% of 1RM is fine, maybe a bit too low for optimal strenght gains

I would advice you to pick one goal and stick to it, rather than trying to do several things simultaneously


By the sound of it you're not really experienced enough to write your own programs, at least not a complicated one involving periodisation, % based lifts, etc. So at this point it would probably be better to follow a time tested program by someone more experienced (either one on here or maybe even just a big guy at your gym).

What's the whole program like, more detail would definately be more useful?


if you have an excel reader you can check it out here:

if not reply and say it, i wont bother writing it down if you got it.




thanks man that was a great read


No I can't open that, I'm online on an ipod since my laptop broke


right, here is on alternative: http://img52.imageshack.us/i/utennavnon.jpg/ open the link and double click on the picture

or if your having problems with that picture, then i guess i can write it down :stuck_out_tongue:


No sorry (it opened but I couldn't enlarge it). All I'll say is periodisation is useful at a point, but don't use it just because it looks cool. Always make sure you have a reason for everything- why that exercise and not another, why that number of reps, does this achieve what you want it to, would something else do that more efficiently, etc?


monday rep ranges( set,rep )
bench press, depends on week
leg press 45% 3x5
bent row row underhand 3x5
hyper extensions 3x8
preacher curls 3x10
pushdowns 3x10
Back squats depends on week

Deadlift depends on week
dips depends on week
chin ups/pull ups 3x5 up to 15 where i will start using weight
shoulder press depends on week
cable lateral raises 3x10
back squat depends on week

friday, this is my bodybuilding day, all the rep ranges are constant here and the exercise set up is different
bench press 3x8
flyes 3x10
leg press 45% 3x8
hyperextensions 3x10
bent over rows underhand 3x8
preacher curls 3x10
pushdowns 3x10
front squat( i do this exercise at home, which is the reason it's last) 3x8

now to the peridiozation part, each line represent a week.
Bench press
weight - rep range precentage of max
55 8 65
60 7 70
64 6 75
68 5 80
72 4 85
Max 3-5 kg more then reset
81 7 60
88 6 65
95 5 70
101 4 75
108 4 80
max 5 kg more then reset
57 7 60
62 6 65
67 5 70
71 4 75
76 4 80
Shoulder press
33 7
36 6
39 5
41 4
44 4
max 2-5 kg more then reset
dips exstra weight
10 5
10 6
10 7
10 8
then add another 5 or 2.5

that didn't take as long time as i suspected, just had to do a lot of copy and pasting.


no comments?

has anyone here experienced with something like this? did it work out good?


Periodisation is good to follow, but for the actual work outs, just do the most you can do for them.
I would periodise the volume and load.
The way your template is written is hard to follow, I'm not sure if what I'm reading is percentage or kg or what.


yeah i know,

here is an easier way to read my program

week 1 60
week 2 65
week 3 70
week 4 75
week 5 80

bench press
week 1 65
week 2 70
week 3 75
week 4 80
week 5 85

shoulder press
same as bp

same as dead


What are your goals? Just get bigger/stronger?



by the way, it's not in my routine but i do clean and jerks at saturdays for explosivity. i used to do them on work days but the more experience i get, the higher the intensity i am able to work at, and by almost dropping the bar on my head i learned that it's simply not possible for me to them on work days.

by the way, friday is my " bodybuilding day " where i focus on less rest, more reps, changing the order of the exercises so that the exercises that work the same muscles get together, a couple of more exercises.

so what do you think of it?


Sounds like you're all over the place.
My basic template is:
Superset of Explosive exercise, and ~3-5RM exercise, ie Jump squats, and full squats or clap push-ups, and bench press.
Then comes Accessory work, Single leg work, back extensions or tricep and back exercises, a lot of the time I'll do this in a rest-pause fashion.
On lower body day, next I do a core exercise triset, including one static stabilization(plank), one dynamic(leg raises), and 1 rotational.
If it's upper body day, I do a triset of grip exercises, rotation, pinch, crush etc.
Then stretching.