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Help on Next Cycle

Hello all,this is my first post here looking for some help on my next cycle if possible,ill appreciate ur opinion guys so to let u know first I’m 30 years old,been cycling for 10 years once a year until last 2 years twice a year.
So to get to my point,my last cycle was test 600mg a week,tren 400,stanazol 50mg,clen,t3 primo600mg.

I did a mistake I took too much and while I was on cycle I noticed ED so I finished my cycle and did a pct of nolv hcg,after a month. Wasn’t happy with the recovery so I took clomid for 1 month,I’ve been off now for 7 month and my test is low and still having the ED,I’m on hcg 250iu now ill finish tomorrow and start clomid again for 3 weeks.my fsh lh test were low so this is why I did this pct again.

My doc said I have hypogonadism.
So my question is can start a cycle of test gh and slin and after I finish I go on a better pct or adding test will mess things up?i know gh. And slin will not effect fesh lh and test badly so test is the key and by adding a cycle of test for 12 weeks is it gonna make more damage even with an ai?thanks everyone who took time to read and try to help me with this.