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Help on my Routine


  1. Bench 2. 2bd press 3. dead bench 4. Military Press 5. Cable Crossovers 6. Ab Wheel


  1. Leg Press 2. Deadlift 3. D.B. Rows 4. Pull-Ups 5. Seated Calves 6. Ab Machine


  1. 3BD Close Grip Press 2. Dips 3. Front Raises 4. D.B. Curls 5. Ab Wheel


  1. Squat 2. Zercher Squats 3. Leg Ex. 4. Calves 5. Hyperextension 6. Ab Mach

How long have you been training? Training, not lifting.

If it has not been a long time (a year or less) then this is way too much. Too much pressing and too much work on stuff that isnt going to help you get stronger. Leg press before deadlifts? For real? Better question;why are you doing leg presses at all???

Take the stuff you have written down above and eliminate 2 of the exercises from each day. I dont know how you plan on progressing and it really doesnt even matter. Get the technique perfect on all of the exercises before you start adding weight. Once you are proficient in the bare minimum of the competition lifts with 1 or 2 auxillary lifts, then start adding new stuff. You can’t get everything stronger all at the same time. If you could, there would only be one program in the entire world and everyone would follow it and be tied for every world record.

Read some training books and work the shit out of your form. And for God’s sake, stop using the leg press.

Leg press is awesome, I would leg press every day of the week if I had one.

I only leg press first to warm up sorry should have stated that. Only 360-400lbs for 6-8 reps 2 sets. Just helps me warm up. Been competing for about 10 years, just really trying to focus on raw lifting now.