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Help on my diet...please!!

Ok, here is the situation. I am 5’9 and 170 lbs. My diet is really not that great as I take in a lot of protein, but really no carbs (pretty much atkins, though I have lowered the fat). My weight training has been great, but I cant get my body fat below 18. Not sure what I should do to change my diet, but if I start adding carbs, I am worried that I will gain a lot of fat (if I have a huge carb meal, I get sick). Any advice??

dougie: read some berardi. run a search for the don’t diet diet. a few p+c meals will set you straight. you will improve body comp markedly as it is hard to live without carbs. oh, and about getting sick, try a small protein and carb (p+c) meal, not a “huge carb meal.”
hope this helps. a little change like eating, say, 200g carbs/day instead of 50 could make the fat melt off. also, try not to overthink it or outwork yourself. just realize it will be steady, and if you change your lifestyles, it will be crazily rewarding.
keep at it.

Douggie, I’ve done Atkins and eventually found that I was GAINING weight on the diet, even though I was living on 20g of carbs per day.

No two ways about it, you’re going to have to keep a food log. It allows you to get real scientifica about what you’re eating. There’s an article on how to keep a food log if you go to www.t-mag.com and use the search engine there to search for “missing” as in “missing link” or “lazy” as in “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Keeping a Food Log.”

Even though I’m a strong advocate of low-carb diets, the best results I’ve ever enjoyed have been when I did low-carb in conjunction with highly controlled, SCIENTIFIC carb refeeds. Reed up on that subject as well, and feel free to post your questions here.

Best of luck to you, Douggie. There’s a lot of us in the same boat as you. All you need is a set of oars. (grin)

Try readjusting your cals maybe…maybe say drop your cals by 300 and see if you start losing again. Or keep ur cals the same and increase your activity frequency or intensity and see what that does for you…